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body languages

body languages.
for the lady.

a home is in your chest,
— even in the heat of mixed kisses,
speaking emotions and running eyes
unbuttoning your coat. — it presses
my chest harder like a prick.
a home is in your planet —
the one that defines you;
my impatient fingers has found
solace in its tight soul.
your body owns nervous lips
and impatient fingers,
your body has an action i feel.
your body has made me a rock
your body is home!
let immortality lost discretion
to the body and soul in the
dark side of your waiting skin
for the drowning of spirituals
in its sacred temple/country.
cos' your body is a country
with hills and a valley.

Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Philip Peace
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One Poem by Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim


Allah has answered the prayer of the weaker animals
None think that you will survive such attack
By those big lions
For whatever they chase,
They make sure is no longer breathing
on earth
You are a rabbit that survived harassments by
Those dark dogs
Inside that forest
Think not, that is your speed that saved you
It is the protection of Allah
We are all animals
But of higher class
Not those that live in the forest
Of which some are weak
While some are strong
The weak is always threaten by the strong
Let's all learn how to live in peace
With one another


Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim is a young Nigerian writer, playwright and poet. He was born in the year 2001. He attended Gombe Children School for his nursery and primary school education. He is a final year student at Gombe High School. He is a member of Poets In Nigeria, Gombe Connect Center. Some of his works have been published in Tuck online magazine. He started writing at sixteen. He believes that writing will bring change in o…

Black Is Life | Obasa Oluwafumilayo Martha


In the depths of Nile we crawl into open winds with- a nest of air. Black air in the dark running against a light skin -on a brown frame                 —with subtle fingers and playful hearts.
A game of hearts  —one white, one black. Interplay of silk diamonds                             -and honey in each mouth, Assemblies of knives -a threat of love.  Long sheets drawn of life for black.
Black (brown frame): My corymb of cries       -filled in a bottle.       A sync of feelings-left to       die.       Crickets in my home       enhance       your diminishing absence;

Nobody's Business | John Chizoba Vincent

John Chizoba Vincent
I am a poet describing nature
none of your business if I have
mansion or live in a teary hut
curse me or spit on the sand I
step on, i chose the life I live now
Destiny chose me for this dream
It's nobody's  business what I do.

I have known girls from the hood
I have dated girls from the hood
many, I have made a public hole
changed their profile side-down-up
and they're called unprintable names
it's nobody's business whom I choose
to  marry now and tomorrow.

I have been to school and dropped out
I studied medicine and no results
I have always wanted to go to the sky
crack its bodies and return home
happy but mother rechannelled my
legs, now, I have no route in life
its nobody's business the life I live.

I have no children to give me water
My house is littered by lizards and
Wallgecko describing dire poverty
even if I feed from hand to mouth
Leave me to my fate and eel destiny
Life is but a dotted scars in hearts

Street Photographs | ©Benneth Nwankwo | — see the beautiful images this handsome street photographer has for the society

Photographer: Benneth Nwankwo
                             Benneth Nwankwo

In a bid to promote creativity, art, beauty and talent, I have fortunately met Benneth Nwankwo many months ago. I know him to be a writer, little do I know that he's also a sane photographer.
A street photographer has few images to share with us today.

I know photography to be a very sensible discipline, it is not for people without sight and heart to promote their art and the society through images and bright sights. It's not illusions.


by Chimezie April.

     The wonder of life comes with living such life; irrespective of what happens, one certain thing to note or remember is that "To live is a choice". So, can one say life is the generalized program of choices made? In my defence, life as a whole is filled with options therefore choices are made, it also comes with its own view to many people. So, I can now boldly say life isn't what you choose, rather it chooses you become because of your choices.
What life comes with could be identified or described as that fully wrapped gift you get from someone, yet, you are instructed not to open till when ordered. Therefore telling you that you can't even steal a peek at the content of the carefully wrapped gift. In other words, I describe life as a "Loyal Soldier" that helps you execute your choices no matter what they are, it gives you the outcome without sympathy. People believe that as life comes with challenges, so does it com…


for Ogunbiyi Anuoluwapo Aarinola.

Do not show your fears,
stand on them like long hills
and forget them to wallowing sands
on a body of sinking valley.
do not smile when you're sad,
you'll look like an ember trying to glow
in a library of water. let your state define you,
it tells you you're living.
you can break into a river of song
you can break into a funeral of fire
you can break into the sourness of widows songs
you can break into the funerals of fire...
don't ever wear a face that is not yours,
you'll look like a rainbow
lost on the body of a placid sea.
so be yourself, you're raw;
not an end meet of shit nor a body
of reservoir gathering shame & guilt.
you're a rainbow flecked between the grey clouds
of your name. you're your star —
emblazoned on your burden; your body —
in the belly of the earth that makes
your whole.
do not listen to crackling howls of foes —
you're the voice of the running truculent thunder:
you're your creator and your destructi…