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Poem by Philip Peace. "Friend or Foe"

I thought
My eyes were deceiving me
As I looked into the mirror
And saw a fiend I once called a friend
Staring back at me
With eyes spitting out fire; all weird
I thought
I pour to the right my minds
I had hoped we had one might
to wrestle the mighty like great Knights,
But you stood aback to create a pace
thus enemy race to path our trail
I thought
I could trust you as a friend
Never knew friends turn fiends
You soothed me with fantasies like life at death
the unfathomable mind of you
Is to me a clueless clue.
I thought
You are not sheep in wolves clothing
You assured light is in darkness
But you took chances of wreck me.
Oh! Foe in friend's disguise
You are not friend but a despicable fiend.

About the writer.

AkinwalePeace AkindayoalsoknowasPhilipPeace is a prolific writer aiming at making and healing life's through words.
He hails from Osun state Nigeria under Boripe local government.
He lives at Ororuwo(a town in Boripe local government).
He loves writing as he take pleasure in it.
You can contact him through:
IG @Philippeace72
Facebook@ PhilipPeace


Poet Akinwale Peace
The sun shines brightly at night for the wicked
They perpetrate their works and people kick buckets.
The moon gives light to darkness and it appears glows,
Man standards based on positives gloss.
Incorrectly right- standards.
The saints should indulge in corruption,
Padding is just a legal action.
Harvesting corn where rice was planted
The heart itself is another mixed planet.
Mixed wrong and right use-standard.
I see the beauty of the sky as they lie,
Worry and anxiety sting like bees and bite.
When will rain fall in our dry weather's night?
Cock roars and lions fright.
Wrong and right word- standard,
To the west,east,north and south
Our tears and shout go so loud,
It all came back to us with a frown
Like a cheetah loose a race with the tortoise.
The officials laid their crowns and threw us caps.