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Article by Philip Peace: Why are they?

Written by Akinwale Peace Akindayo.
Philip Peace.

Why are they?

     Yea, I should have done this long hours ago but I was rejecting the urge but now I see the reason to fight even when I'm of the other gender.
Why do they regard them as the weaker vessel?
Why do they make them feel little?
Why do they make them feel useful only at home?
Why do they make them a fulltime wife when they also have dreams to chase?
Why do they make those women, girls and ladies, in context females, be subjected as an object of ridicule when it's obvious they need greater respect?
     I see no reason why females shouldn't be given an equal right.
Yes, they are regarded as a weaker vessel but note: they hold back tears when their husband cries, they still feed their kids with their milk after dozens of bites on their nipple. Don't say they don't have an option but to take care of the baby, they don't and they do have an option.
They don't have an option because it's their sole responsibility to take care of their heir and they do have an option, they could simply ask for a house maid BUT the fact that they respect the blood of their husbands and their own blood that flows in the baby's vein, they have to risk the pain for the family's (at large) gains.

     I often wonder why husband a times fight their wife.
The feeding money isn't enough, the kids school fee hasn't been paid, the expenses is too much for her to handle and her upkeep is another investment.
Before I go on, note that all fingers are not equal and not all women can feed their family, their are some that need the love and care to grow!
Now, the expenses are too much to handle and she simply asked her  husband for help while she tries the little she could do BUT in the stead, allegations without confirmation are alleged against her and then the dick-head husband raises his hand to scold her. 


I'll never be a party to scolding a female.
Why are made a picture of less-usefulness whereas they are the pride and the contributor population in the world. They are made with enough qualities to make the world a better place through man. Yes! Those words of encouragement can make the world a better place.
      Let me chip this in, "the pride of a woman is the honour, love, care and respect you give to her", when those four things are out of it, I bet it that the marriage life or relationship life cannot be enjoyed.
Yes there is money and the possession is high, if it lacks love and care especially PATIENCE, the marriage is fading.
     I stand to this motion that females shouldn't be an object of ridicule but a pride for males, that females should be regarded as the family because they make the family a blissful one.
I don't say men are not the breadwinner of the family, men are the bread winner but if you tell me of a happy family, I'll show you a woman in the dark fighting for the family, therefore let's respect these females. They are regarded as the weaker vessels, let our love and care come together with patience to make them strong.
     To the females reading my words, I pay my obeisance: for your patience and calmness, for your understanding and your help to the successful families and organizations.
"Women build the family and they mar the family.
Our love, time and devotion will make them build our family and our able selves".

Thank you.

"words from the innocent mind"
                    Philip Peace


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