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A minute to survive by Akinwale Peace

A minute to survive by Akinwale Peace Akindayo/ Philip Peace.

     She was a promising girl, her future ambition of been a lawyer was her daily song. She was just mindful of every thoughts and words from barristers, she wants to be a lawyer too.
Her parent are extremely rich and are ready to go any length to give her the best  as she was their only daughter.
To be born with a silver spoon is really great.
     She was enrolled at "God's will international" to further her educational studies, she is now at senior secondary school three, preparing to write her wassce(waec examination), a well headed and cool girl, she was never a truant.
     She is really a wiz that no one can defeat.
Her brain is full of God's word and motivational words which she'd been told by pastors and counselors. Her educational pursuit is her top priority in life.
     A day comes in her life, she will never forget the happening that turned her life around, she thought the battle will be over but God was with her.

"Comfort", her mother called.
"Yes momma", she smiled as she replied.
She came to meet her at the car park, outside the main building.
Its obvious that they are going out, to a distant place as her Dad wore a suit, well designed and her mother in a flowing apparel of Ankara.

     Mrs Akande smiled as her daughter was running to give her a hug.
"Momma, where are you and Poppa going without your baby that made you dressed like this?"
She asked chuckling.
"Oh my baby, I know you'll ask, our family Friend, Mr Danladi asked for our urgent attention and remember, "A Friend in need is a friend indeed"
Mrs Akande said smiling.
"These your words sends signals to my soul. Anyway, I will miss you". Her father chuckled.
"I'll follow you! I've change my mind, let me dress up Poppa, I'll be right back momma"
Comfort said.
As she turned to go inside to prepare, she was already preparing for the occasion when she heard some strange voices.
"Dad is having visitors as usual"
She muttered and smiled to herself.
She checked the mirror as she turned around, mimicking her mother as she's shaking her body often as her mother often do.
She raced down the staircase, only to meet giant visitors, weird, with their eyes red like a burning inferno.
She wanted to turn back and run upstairs to lock up herself when she heard:
I repeat, don't make a move".
She was apparently shocked at the statement, she turned around in awe, the cosmetics she applied was fading as sweat and tears filled her face.
"What!, what's happening here?
Momma, Poppa!?
She was running on a spot as she felt her heartbeat moving faster than she could ever imagine.
"This should not be a nonfictional tale, tell me what is happening Dad!"
She received no reply as they seem deaf to what she was saying.
They were visited by kidnappers.

    Chief Akande has won a big contract that worth millions, the contract was for many but he was given the contract, his presentation was a accurate one and couldn't be denied of the contract.
It was awarded to him and others, with a covered eye left the company.
One of them actually attacked Chief Akande, he wanted the contract because he was more dubious and has spent a lot of money on unpromising officers in the company, his churlish character was of high pedigree.

"It's impossible, I won this contract and I'm not going to let go, you can do your worse if you want to" .
Chief Akande flared at Chief Danladi who was his family friend and a business partner.

     "Are these people from Chief Danladi? He said to himself as he remembered their recent argument.
Chief Akande was sore afraid. Chief Danladi is an aggressive man and want the best without giving his own best.
Mrs Akande was already battling with the thoughts of death and life.
"What will happen to us?" All my debtors, I forgive you in the name of the Lord, all those that have offended me or I've one way or the other offended, forgive me for goodness sake"
They could hear her voiceless words from her heart panting heavily like a maniac patient acting madness.
"If I die now, I hope I'm free of all atrocities?
Thank you Jesus".
Mrs Akande muttered silently though her heart was still panting like it's going to burst.
Comfort was already wet, all her body was sweating, she didn't even know how she mess herself up with her urine.
"Oh my God! My dreams, my hope and my prayers,has it not come to nought?
This is surely a storm, will it be over without my blood?, our bloods?"
Comfort thought in her mind.
She looked up at the fierce and fearless kidnappers and was about to say a word when she saw a blank page.

Can I say her memory was wiped off?
Perhaps, the light was put off and darkness ruled?

Comfort fainted, as she opened her mouth to talk, a heavy wooden dagger was all she could feel in her magical reality trance.
She was feeling pains, unconsciously.
Chief Akande cried loudly while Mrs Akande gave an outcry like weird lion's roar.
Chief Akande was already choking, he was apparently hypertensive.
"He must not die! Get him water, the files are still with him!
Get him water!"
The leader  of the kidnap team shrieked in fear of loosing him to death.
The second and third kidnapper were looking hysterically as they don't know where to get him water.
"Get up and get your husband water, woman!"
They commanded her.
Mrs Akande was afraid, she got a cup of water from a place she couldn't describe. She managed to send a text message to her sister,
"Call the police, we're in our house with kidnappers" was all she could send to her.
The kidnappers were jointly petting Chief Akande as he rises and falls like a blown ball, so, none of the kidnappers followed her to the kitchen.
Comfort was regaining consciousness, she felt the heavy pain in her arm, the dagger did a good work piercing through her bones.
"Let me just die, my future is fading away."
She said creating no suspicion of been conscious, she saw her father breathing like a patient with maximum portion of oxygen.
Tears flooded her face, "my motivator is helpless, will he die?"
She sobbed gently.
Then she recalled her father's word "always keep hope alive".
She snubbed it immediately,
"I'm already dead, what hope again?"
She was feeling her heartbeat competing an aeroplane.
She remembered a verse in the Bible: Psalm 23.
"I'm not done until I breathe my last. My hope, my light fading away and my motivator can still be revived".
She gave herself Comfort by reading psalm 23.
"The lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want..."
"Why are these kidnappers waiting?"
She battled with the thought as she continued reciting the verses offhand.
"...though I walk through the valley and shadow of death..."
She paused as someone entered.
It was Chief Danladi, "run!
Chief Danladi walked up to her and slapped her hardly,
"Ouch! My tooth!"
Her tooth flew down from her mouth like the birds of the sky. Two tooth got their foundation rooted out from her mouth, a little blood accompanied them.
She cried!
Chief Danladi walked up to Chief Akande.
"You told me to dare you, this is  what I can do, where are the files?
I can kill my wife for money and you know. Where are the files!?"
He flared at Chief Akande who has regained consciousness.
Chief Akande stuttered with fear.
He was given a heavy blow, he went backward like he is fainting. A kick made him back to posture.
Mrs Akande was sweating as tears were dropping, it's nothing compared to the dew.
Comfort has already given up hope, she prayed silently for death.
She recited the verses of psalm 23 over again.
Her father was already coming down from his room, he had been beaten blue black because he delayed them.
Comfort was at verse five "...thou prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies..."  When some men in khaki entered, she saw her aunt and was glad at the moment.
"Officers! Arrest them" was all she was expecting.
She was panting vigorously and at last, she heard "drop your weapons or I shoot".
She could hear daggers and guns been dropped down on the floor.

They were arrested, including Chief Danladi.
The last verse of psalm 23 was abruptly heard from Comfort while others chorused together.
"Surely goodness and mercies shall follow me, all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever".
They chorused and rhymed together. "Amen!"
"My future is still illuminating!"
Comfort shouted for joy.

Thank you for reading.
The end.

Story by Akinwale Peace.


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