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Happy Valentine's Feast/Day by Akinwale Peace Akindayo.

Happy Valentine's Feast/Day     by Akinwale Peace Akindayo.

Happy Valentine's Feast/Day     by Akinwale Peace Akindayo.

Valentine's day is a world feast day often celebrated on February 14th of every year in many countries in their existences. It is a popular feast involving matured minds and -unmatured mind, better said minds that are not ready for what ought to be ready.-
However, it is said to be coupled with the ignorant love that we have today, we've closed our eye to the better by far understanding of love itself and Valentine's day in essence.

A fact about Valentine is that it has no foot; no one knew the real Valentine and there was/is no agreement between the historians concerning the feast.

It was therefore said that Valentine begins in the ancient Rome where 14th February was a holiday to honour Juno, the Queen of the Roman god. In this kind of season, boys and girls are separated whilst they write the name of the girls on different papers and rap it in a jar, each boy will take them one by one and however choose a partner with regard to the name on the paper. After the festival, some might see themselves behind the camera and thus, -as it was made to be understood- get married to each other.

Another version has it said that it was during Claudius 11 in AD 270, that the then Emperor felt that married men are turning up as poor and weak soldiers and thus, he banished young marriage in the Army. Thus, a man named Valentine was against his order by secretly conducting marriage for young lovers in the Army, the Emperor later knew that their was someone defiling his order, he however passed a death sentence on him. It was on February 14th, 270 that Valentine was killed. This was why some people belief has led to the celebration of the day since that period.

Another source hold on the claims of Valentine himself, initiating the day as a concept of sending love messages out to people. He said during imprisonment, he fell in love with the Jailor's daughter and expressed his feelings by writing a letter, and thus, Valentine card came into existence.

Another claim of the Roman Catholic justifies the fact that Valentine was birthed as a result of the 3 martyred saints in the 496AD, Pope Gelasius established the Saint Valentine by including himself among those "...whose names are justly referenced among men..." because they believed in the Adoration Of Saints.

However, from the stories or different backed up views, it is clear what the origin of Valentine's day is/was.
However, it isn't morally advisable nor biblical that Valentine is a do for every individual.

Now let's come to the concept of our time.
So here it comes again, love in the air, chuckle.
I've once said it in an opened gathering that Valentine isn't for girls and boys but for husbands and wives, it is for a united family not for immoral actors and actresses (Youths).
Valentine isn't a sex day, it is a day marked for remembrance as said by a scholarly thought/said fact.

However, considering the fact surrounding this fact, people has dedicated the February 14th as a day for immoral activities and which could be dangerous and definitely lead to unmatured activities.

Let's take a look at the perspective of the the Roman god celebration. If it were to this trail that youths wants to follow, who can/will marry the one you took as your partner for the Valentine's feast? I'm sure the grade is worth 30% out of 100%. Where are the other 70%?
Who amongst the youth would love to worship a god as the day was marked as the Queen of the Roman god's day.

Taking the trail of the Emperor Claudius, who could see that it was dedicated to mourn him(Valentine) for his fearless boldness to conduct ceremonies for lovers which however led to his death on February 14th. The question is; is today's Valentine's day/feast used to mourn his death?
Instead of wrapping ourselves in black suites, moving about with flowers on an unknown graveyard, youths instead go into hotels and hostels, on table or bed, chairs or...anywhere comfortable for them so as to satisfy their burning lustful desire in the name of celebration/feast on the Valentine's day.
Its a pity.

Taking a look at the third view, Valentine himself declared it as a day to write to lovers not the day to satisfy youthful lust and exorbitant.
However, the world we find ourselves today is the world of lust, ignorant illiterates who fancy the lust than the truth behind love and however expects an unexpected result by so called known fellows all in the name of what? All in the name of ....

Let's also take a preview of the fourth view, the Roman Catholic justifies the fact as well by including himself among those "...whose names are justly referenced among men..." because they believe in the Adoration Of Saints. Note, he called it "Saint's Valentine" which is to be interpreted as Adoration Of Saints.
So why do we indulge in immoral practices all in the name of Valentine's day/feast?

It is however nonetheless compared to the celebration of Roman god because no one would love to worship idols, but it could be recognized with a letter day to sincere lovers. It could as well be said to be a sacrificial day and it could be said to be an Adoration Of Saints' day.
So, what percentage are those that are feasting today know this fact, what is their interior motive and the incentive pushing the purpose of going out with their partner(s)?

However, it is point clear and blank here that we all now know what Valentine's day/feast is all about, it's for you to know what you're doing and it will be good to do it good, morally and as honourably as expected.

However, male beings are to use their eye while all females are to use their head. Don't let this youthful exorbitant take priority over your life or your day. Keep yourself.

Thanks for reading.
I am Akinwale Peace Akindayo, Philip Peace

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Drop your comments and invite others to read. Thank you.


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