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So Come On On The Soft Old Farm And Work by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceSo Come On On The Soft Old Farm And Work.
Your sagacity is futility:
When the fallow farm lands are brevity;
The door to wealth is Father's farm to clear
grasses; his labours share, his burdens bear.
Come back, the yelling gray of hairs alarm
The milestones of 3 scores minus 4 farm_
now grows in thick of leaves and short of food,
Come back to ' farm without a think or brood.
The machete is bluntly sharp to till
the land of acre swinging bushes, still
with gross foot, the land would be fed fertile
like the soil in the woods so versatile.
Come on brothers, let's go to the farm, the
sky is white and the cloud is fainting, the
morn dew is fresh and the tweeting birds tweet,
Come on brothers, it's not a late retreat.
Come from the world so wide like near a-mile
With great strength of your arms so worth a while
With heartbeat of one and joint hands to work;
So come on on the soft old farm and work.
"words from the innocent mind"

Sin City by Babalola Timileyin Samson

Poem by: BTs_cares(Rappidkhid)
Topic: Sin_city
Dated: 20/3/2017
#TeamOniseIyanu2017(Official Jesus Pikin)
The "Oracle" have been consulted
The gods has spoken
The city is in ruins
Who is to be blame???...
Pandemonium erupting the Vegas city
Chaos causing the once lively setting into a nefarious crying owl
The placement of the city is in disarray
Grudges grading the city in a motion so slow...
Elders of our land "You bad", controlling the Vegas_sphere like town in a shabby manner
Developing an enhance mind I try to snap it out, outta my brain
To create a new reform, I'll have to pass through the silver linings
Had me thinking that; "Rome wasn't built in a day"
Inoculating to a better space
I dreamt of a great tomorrow...
Where we would all be free
Like a ray bird, living once in a rainy city

Here Comes Winter by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceEtheree 1
Here Comes Winter.
twigs are
buried now_
Summer rustles
are clad  on the soil
the rumbling winds billows
and all got carted away
like snows from the eye of the sky
and first dew of the morning sunrise.
Alas, the do is done and gone a past.
Hail Winter oh Summer, here it does come
with drops falling as kneady mortar
with long cluster of small needles
How sad the cold doth soothe me?
Here flames the wreath of cloud
White kneels, art drawn hands
ready hand palms
for misty
"words from the innocent mind"
              Philip Peace

Note For My Lady by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceNotes For My Lady.
My Lady, you are fair as the full moon
No matter how stars may shine, they cannot
compete with you. Your smile is as morn star
that welcomes sunset as morn creep from moon.
Your beauty glows like the sun from the North
The small crowd of smiles depicts who you are.
You are the first dewed rose in the Garden
You are the rare snow drop on ' summer day
You are the wide beaut eye of blue heaven
You are the clusters of wet skies- star in
You are like the sparkl'ng star on summer day
You are the cold light of stars in heaven.
For I'd seen zillion few of beauty earth
For I'd been million dew upon faces
Your beauty glows in the sea of darkness
My Lady, yours is an engross charm'ng art
Hold my hand, let's walk through some odd paces
Let the world tweet, tell them you're my goddess.
"words from the innocent mind"
              Philip Peace

When End Could Come No End by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale Peace
When End Could Come No End.
Who from the onset knew
The wings and hair a new
With knowledge man unknew
Abound a gray hair blew.
So come thence come a day
When buzzing bees could say
In midst of sand and clay_
Won't care what man would say.
And come when thence a time
When skins would gray it's time
In darkness light sublime
Shall mixed torn come a crime.
When distant near the sky
With wreath of cloud with sigh
For men are heaven's eye
With blank shades of hair cry.
And when comes knit dripping
like summer dew sipping
With misty earthy spin
And then the dongs ring-in.
And when end comes no end
White hair horse up ascend
And walls would hear and blend;
When end could come no end.
"words from the innocent mind"
             Philip Peace

Where Birds Reside When Oft' I See by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceWhere Birds Reside When Oft' I See.
A big tree sat nearby I live
Where birds reside when oft I see
When I come out to take my leave
They row their wings like boats on sea.
Their twitt'ring tweets when dawn is dusk
To set their nest and sing a song
On nest so soft like corn of husk
They hide their lips when hunters gong.
When dawn creep on and as sunset
They fly their wings abroad to feed
On fruits they peck and trees they fret
And came I near they heard and speed.
When come them back to sleep at night
They come hiding in knit needles
When seen me come with torch so bright
Their small crowd feared as fear's needles
as they startle with gentle tweets
So then I shut my torch put off
To watch the stars not make wings fleets
And then they sleep as life crawl off.
"words from the innocent mind"
              Philip Peace

Read this short story titled Forsaken by John Chizoba Vincent

After going through your profile and reading the history without pages, how you were giving birth to, how the white men invaded into your privacy in the nineties, I came to the conclusion that you have been braver than any other mother I have ever known in life. The mistake is not from you but it was  your fault that we are here with bleeding lips. The choice was yours then to make, you could have make that decision then, you should have  rejected their offer to join the three regions together. You should have told them that the Eastern zone are meant to be alone not with the beholders of dagger, you should have told Lugard that the west have grown enough to stand on their own. Why allow them to join us together? Didn't they see how different we were before they came?  Of a conscious and truth, of luxuries and faith, of grace and faithfulness, of conscious and empathy; of consciousness and upliftment; of consciousness of understanding, you made us who we are; forsaken…

Those Days Won't Make Me Forg't You're My Best Kin by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceThose Days Won't Make Me Forg't You're My Best Kin...Most near so far like the eye of heaven_She sat and watched my babe head till seven
She told me false stories to make me smile
She's my old and modern like river Nile.
For times she'd made me cry and times I laughed
She's my art, she, she's the cause of my craft
She smile in sadness when I felt sick ill
To make me laugh she'll cry, she's my strong hill.
If I drink in the shallow ravine sea
Sure you'll cry to make me laugh still. To me;
You're the eye of the earth and April rain;
Of riverful care, whose care_ sadness drain.
The Angels there whisper like tweeting wings
Saying Momma is a wing to one who clings
E'en when you nag and snap when I'm grown with
The importance is not worthless off it.
I'll ne'er forget the moonlight tales you'd shared
Beneath the blowing breeze which heat had dared;
On the mat near the fire of hot cold skin,
Those days won't make me forg'…

Fair Weather Friends Are My Good Friends by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceFair Weather Friends Are My Good Friends.
Fair weather friends are my good friends
They're the world that comes dur'ng harvest
and lick the oil. During dryness,
They're gone like a mov'ng wreath of cloud.
Fair weather friends are my good friends
They'll tell me, they're there to stab me;
I trust my enemies than friends
A friend will lie, foes speak the truth.
Fair weather friends are my good friends
They know the good times to  bad times;
They're a strong wind with violent breeze
Throwing me down yet cooling my soul.
Fair weather friends are my good friends
They'll say the earth is in my shoe_
I smile for I know I'm a fool
The earth in my shoe gives sweet pain.
Fair weather friends are my good friends
Everlast'ng are they when they kill
They're like the skillful cunning art
that draws and draw a pic to mar.
"words from the innocent mind"
            Philip Peace

Shall I Say Thee To The Eye Of The Sky? By Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceShall I Say Thee To The Eye Of The Sky?
Shall I say thee to the eye of the sky?
Of whom the beauty sleep when twilight shine
or thine of morn star with dark sheens at eye?
Shall I say to thee as stars and moon dine?
Though ripples drip and the sky loss its sight
And April sun is dim with shinny ray,
Thy skin is fresh as snow of whom I d'light
So this give I to you, so good a day.
Your beauty encamp the sun in its day
The beauty that shines wild at shadowed night
You're the morning sunrise of dusky day
The tweeting lips of yours could make a write.
Thy six feet enchants not your bea'tiful eye
Nor could death take the pride define divine
Smile at me with gloomy glee of thy eye;
For this I give to you as knitt'ng entwine.
"words from the innocent mind"
            Philip Peace

Campus Association Of Poets(CAP) now publish an anthology in respect of the World Poetry Day. Titled: Puncheon... click to read

PUNCHEON; An Appraisal To Poetry In Respect of
I'm the wordsmith of the night,
when the night fox howls
with its entire might,
I dip my pen in ink
and find my muse, for tonight,
I want to punch my name into history,
Even if it's for this one night.
For I'm a wordsmith,
Straight into your skull,
My words will hit.
        Mr Waduud.
In the furnace of a blacksmith,
Spawns the roughly fine sword;
Finely processed by the swordsmith;
A tool in the hands of sages and inklords.
The sword leads, cutlasses and hoes follow;
Father of all harmless weapons.
Inform the sparrow to give tongue to morrow,
And morrow to take barrow from bimbo.
A shout out to all my sons abroad;
Tell them to sip from my pot of knowledge.
Use me as an antidote to save lives,
As I lie beneath the poetree.
Poetry is a double edged sword,
Piercing the souls of readers and bards.
A wo…

Tick Tacks, You're The Setting And Rising Sun by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceTick Tacks, You're The Setting And Rising Sun.
The tick tack 'n' the wall are wicked evils,
The ticks fly, fleeting in short twinkling secs'_
The wall heard man said he need'd time to time;
Yet hung on the wall, it couldn't stop its ticks.
Tick tack, stop! Stop singing the walls ballad!
Golden wall, you 've ears, stop the ticks ticking_
Always hang'ng on the wall, no cares at all;
It do'sn't move o stop as it sadly fly.
Tick tacks, you're the setting and rising sun,
Always hang'ng on the wall, idly work'ng;
Working with its incisive ticks of peak
like a gobbled man with, bottles, with, straw.
Lenient hands are shrinking violet rainbow;
As it fleets, they watch as if the tick mov'd less,
The tick is a friendly foe with good lucks tho'
But ticks, are you fleet'ng to meet the Lord too?
If we could know morrow 'n' tie it laces_
Loosely firm as the wings beneath the sky;
E'en when the wall …

There Is Something That Worth More Than It Seems by Akinwale Peace

There Is Something That Worth More Than It Seems by Akinwale Peace Akindayo(Philip Peace)
It was a special Olympics where handicapped children competed with tremendous dedication and enthusiasm. In 220-yard dash event,  contestants lined up at the starting line, and at the blast of the whistle, they all started running as fast as they could. Andrew quickly took the lead and as soon about 50 yards ahead of everybody else. As he approached the final turn, he looked back and saw his best friend had fallen and hurt himself on the track. Andrew stopped and looked at the finish line. People were hovering, "Run, Andrew, run." But he did not. Rather, he went back, helped his friend up and brushed off the dust from his body, and hand-in-hand, they crossed the finish line dead last. But as they did, the spectators cheered, because there are some things more important than winning.
(Culled from Higher Everyday, July 16, 2016)
I shared this post because of the depth attached to th…

The Song Of The Rain by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceThe Song Of The Rain.
The rain is clapping on my roof
The wind and rain sing in treble
The sick roses sprung as a spoof
as white wings fly in artful b'ffle
to the waves of the gentle wind.
Thunder grips the earth as tree waves,
The blind rain wept and the earth drank_
The sick leaves nurtures their greed sways
and tons of drop on the Brooks sank_
The rumbling wind aid crystal drops.
The silver drops makes the Brooks chirp,
The rain whistle in rhyt'mic whims.
Brown hands grip white snows like li'tle twerp;
The song of the rain is like hymns
of twisted knott'ng rhythmic flow.
"words from the innocent mind"
                  Philip Peace

What If I Have A Girl by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceWhat If I Have  A Girl.
What if I have a girl;
I'll be her, her hero
as she sparkle aglow
like the sun after sun
and hand hung akimbo.
What if I have a girl;
I'll kiss away her pain
And make her feel my sane
She'll b' ' pleasure to my pain
like the rain drop of rain.
What if I have a girl;
I'll sing her the snow song_
chilly cold all along,
Of bird song like diphthong
with white tone of plainsong.
What if I have a girl;
I'll lie that I tell lies
and make an artful guise,
and when shoe laces sighs
I'll wear with her my ties.
What if I have a girl;
I'll love her love till cold
becomes hot as hot gold,
I'll hold her till she'll b'hold_
I'll shy her till she'll b'bold.
"words from the innocent mind"
              Philip Peace

Read this sweet story titled Fire of Zanga by John  Chizoba Vincent

Flashes!  Rushes! Urges! Patches of love! I don’t understand who I am! Am I your last breathing?  Or the beginning and the end of your life? Am I the last of the strongest? Am I the orbiting earth? Do you understand me better than myself?  Have you seen the comb of fire on the Cock’s head? Does motherhood happen when we give birth?   Mother never told me my root or the reason why the fire that clock down emotion burns within me. She was the creator of these feelings that said I won’t settle down with one man that has no nagging eyes… Make the move in my spirit as the golden pedal in the legs of a goddess in the shrine of my forefathers.  Listen to my tale and tell me why women must suffer from the sin of Eve. Listen to my tale and tell men that Adam infected them all with an ego so rude and callous.  Men are the heaven of women as they pride themselves in the altar of a lost ego among their kings.
Mother told me yesterday of an old wing of their breathe longing in the …

Spirited by John Chizoba Vincent

.Her legs spoke to my heart in a rosy but glamorous manner. Her ears spun, mouth painted graciously with a black substance that represent the sand of Africa.  Her eyes flashed like the lightening that came after the rain. The breast that stood on her chest greeted glibly waiting to receive recommendation from the audience. The beads on her wrists cackled and sounded lovely to the glee audience. Her jigida, was not left out in the world of her own, it shone and sent messages to the entire crowd for peace. Under her feet were lovely lines that crossed path to make the souls present witness the beauty of an African festival. The Tiro on her eyelashes told tales of Ogbanje from Flora Nwapa  and Gracy osifo’ tone. Never was anything finer than the colorful wrappers that covered her waist and chest found, never was her beauty compared to another. Was she a goddess or a mermaid? My heart pounded but no answer came.  On her head were golden cowries planted magically. No one could an…

What If I have a girl of my own? This is just a forward match to my next write, read this post sha

What if I have a girl?
I'm just thinking if I'm in a relationship...I'm seriously single o, I'm not searching too.
But if I'm engaged, how sweet would it be?
Smiles... "Love is sweet, the sadness is  overwhelmingly romantic too."
It's good to be in love but don't be lost in the lust of love. I'm Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Philip Peace
Wait, like seriously, if you read this post and you need a talk or advice from me...sort of. Either on relationship, career, life in it's actual sense or anything odd to you. Just hit my addresses below, and message me, I'll guide you.
Instagram: Philippeace_official
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How Sweet Is It To Hear The Breath Of N'ture? by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceHow Sweet Is It To Hear The Breath Of N'ture?
How sweet is it to hear the breath of n'ture?
How sweet is it to listen to its voice?
How sweet is it to see the twist of n'ture?
How sweet is it to feel it's gentle force?
The breeze ebbing to, fro, 'neath the sky
The flowers swinging East, West, to ' wind's tide,
The chirrups of Brooks and wings of the sky
The soothing feelings of the mystic ride.
How sweet is it when hands opened wide?
How sweet is it wh'n lids gently close ' eye
to hug nature? the morning stars of glide
or the golden sun dancing on the sky?
How sweet is it to feel the voice of n'ture?
How sweet is the twittering echoing voice?
How sweet is it to see the twist of n'ture?
It is like... something that tastes more of choice.
"words from the innocent mind"
                Philip Peace

Love Is ... By Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceLove Is...
Love is when our eyeballs count our gazes
Love is when we fool 'round with speechless smiles
Love is when we hold hands hang'ng with the moon
Love is when we joint'y watch the sunup 'n' smile.
Love is when we mute disheartening sweet words_
like I love you; it's when I love you most.
Love is when our smiles speak better to words;
Word for word, one, two, or naught, or silence.
Love is when you're the bright light in my sea
of darkness 'n' rhythmic wave on my sea.
Love is when I'm the wind as you're the cloud,
Love is when time 's a healer with your touch.
Love is when the still waves blow your hair to mine
Love is when the scent of your lips ease mine
Love is when smil'ng tears say we've missed ourselves
Love is when absence makes the pr'sence feels absent.
Love is when I'm with you; holding hands, here, there
Love is when we wash clothes and mess ourselves
Love is when my soup tastes we…

Darkness Is So Beautiful And Heartwarm'ng by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceDarkness Is So Beautiful And Heartwarm'ng.
Darkness is so beautiful and heartwarm'ng;
It's when nature breathe in billowing breath
When the sky is full of wild gentle stars
When the leaves fall and sway, danc'ng with the winds.
Darkness is so beautiful and heartwarm'ng;
with silent rhythm of echoing birds
sleeping in their nests; groaning sleepers chirps_
When the best breeze blow, massaging my skin.
Darkness is so beautiful and heartwarm'ng;
It's when starry stars smile beneath the sky,
When all is dark, shadow gone as wander'ng cloud_
But one thing still stays; star light of darkness.
Darkness is so beautiful and heartwarm'ng;
In starry night of starry stars of pride
When the world is as a grave yard that breathe,
When dark dusk sink deep into our deep dreams.
"words from the innocent mind"
              Philip Peace

Dance B'yond Till Blue Sunset by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceDance B'yond Till Blue Sunset.
The old sun is banished
Like rain in summer winds
The yellow sun brandish'd
to the weaving breeze winds.
The wreath of cloud fuses
Like sheathing of silk
of big, small; releases
like the soft nipple milk.
The twitt'ring sun is dead
The feathers are to rest
The billow'ng soothe my bed
Like a bird in bird's nest.
Beautiful baby sleep
Close your eye fore you wake
Sorrows of night oft' weep
Then nightmare night shall break.
Steal the misty morn dew
The golden sun is set
Smell the taste of day anew
Dance b'yond till blue sunset.
"words from the innocent mind"
             Philip Peace

Akinwale Peace(Philip Peace) celebrates World Poetry Day with his first Romantic poem for the day titled: A Picture Of You Should Charge, In My Heart' obviously, by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale Peace A Picture Of You Should Charge, In My Heart.
Kiss me, memories are my worst bruises
Hold me, kiss my for'head, till kiss diffuses
Touch my nose with yours, let 't tour on muses
Touch my heart, gallop, gallop, 't infuses.
The flying wind at night is cool, breezes
that makes my breath skip and make lips hisses
Hug me, don't go away; let's make wishes
I'll go to the sky 'n' fetch stars of swishes.
You make my heart beat slowly like the drum
I'm like the wandering cloud when I feel glum
I appear in your smiles, in your eye sum
You're my rhythmic pant'ng piano and drum.
I see you in my eyes, you're in my eyes
The butterfly in my stomach, that flies
like the sky dew on vale roses. Your smiles
are the horizon of spring on desert sighs.
Let the snow of my love burn in your heart;
Twill be so cold, hug me near you; your art.
Smile, show me your dimple, they're my eyes' art
A picture of you should charge, in my heart…

Read the romantic poetry, lol, I've written romanticism for a while now, I've got one now, it's titled "I Came To Sit By The Chilly Water" by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceI Came To Sit By The Chilly Water.
I came to sit by the chilly water
Nevertheless, the cloud has come to stay.
The taste of your kiss makes my soul shiver
like the tree near a river of water,
The scent of your hair is the rose on vales
as the misty dew cleanse it's pale with gale.
You're the first dew on ros's when winter falls
You're the light in my dark dusk flam'ng candle
When I hear your laugh'r I smile like a fool
You rapture my rupture with r'mantic love.
I have a weather in my heart, ne'er changes;
Your voice clamps my heart to yours in ecstasy.
Fate is round in circles; the sky is blue
The wind chimes 're ring'ng, I want to be with you.
Memories are my bruises, you're the oil;
the oil that'll heal it, with smells of your kiss
My heart is digging, digging to ravine
So hold me, Dear, and be ever with me.
I came to sit by the chilly water
Nevertheless, the cloud has come to stay.
"words from the innoc…

Short Note On Gender Equity And Available Means Of Curbing Women Abuse by Akinwale Peace Akindayo, Philip Peace

Short Note On Gender Equity And Available Means Of Curbing Women Abuseby Akinwale Peace Akindayo, Philip Peace.
In essence, the concept is violence and and the fact that violence is violence makes it violence; made it effective and gave people a say to effect it even on the pride of our future, on our Treasures.
Violence is always destructive and makes people go against the rule of justice in terms of their concept and orientation, though, it may be the background but the fact violence is an unneeded means of destructive justice.
Some men are sentimental and illiterate criticals, some are moved by what they see; they can't control themselves, some are indebted to causing panic through the hard drinks they've been taking, some men has even lost there right senses and when it comes to bullying; it seems there senses are right whereas, they've lost it all.
In the gender of feminism, they are often called the feeble mind, yes, so what is there offence, (why will you punish a …

Read this poem, it should put some smiles on your little kid(s), it's titled_ Sleep Oh Babies Sleep by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceSleep Oh Babies Sleep.
Sleep oh babies sleep
You're the rose cared for by morn dew
You're the burn'ng ice of mystic flew
You're one gross of a million few.
Sleep oh babies sleep
Suck her nipple till your eyes fade
Sleep like rustle leaves of wint'r aid
Groan to sleep like the wheel's screech'ng fade.
Sleep oh babies sleep
Your mother's lap is your cradle
Her breast is your pillow; plea-able
So sleep, babies, on your cradle.
Sleep oh babies sleep
Oh sleep, sleep not with forty winks
Sleep with silent rhythm of jinks
Sleep till deep dark dusk fade to pinks.
"words from the innocent mind"
            Philip Peace

I Thought I Was Small by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceI Thought I Was Small.
I thought I was small
Ne'er knew age was gold
And days will be old
I thought I was small
Ne'er knew more of growth_
Is near to deaths' float.
I thought I was small
Ne'er knew time's fleet'ng draught:
Fleets on a spot; nought.
I thought I was small
Time's a beast of b'rden
Flies; on a spot being.
I thought I was small
Time smell at my eyes
It flies like ' sky's flies.
"words from the innocent mind"
             Philip Peace

Ravage Ruins Wrought Of Agonizing Ill by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceRavage Ruins Wrought Of Agonizing Ill.
It's funny, how the just die, is it not?
With red-stained monstrous lips of machine guns,
The catnap in the clouds murmured prayers;
Ode to the souls of weep'ng waking mothers.
Ravage ruins wrought of agonizing ill:
Plunder'ng their coins while they keep shiny Gold;
The coins from toil and sweat 'neath burning sun-
And they smile, they smile like hiss'ng spatting snakes.
They come oozing like flowers of the night
They come to mould men blood like cold gravy
They come with the wail of the twittering air
They come with deep torrent of surging sea.
They come with tongues of flame with fierce fair death;
They come, bidd'ng the wicked a sweet nightmare,
They come as thunder ebb beneath the sky-
They come with monstrous gale for gentle death.
And they cry like the caged birds in winter;
Ode to the souls of weep'ng waking mothers.
It's funny, how the just die, is it not?
So I laugh, I laugh, I laugh…

I'd Once Forgott'n To Remember To Die by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceI'd Once Forgott'n To Remember To Die.
I'd once became shrubs, I'd once burn as fireI'd once loved the cemetery attireI'd once hoped to close and ne'er 'pen to direI'd once forgot to remember to die..I'd once became Waters; flooding desiresI'd once became a cleanse of mud in miresI'd once killed myself, once, twice, thrice; but sires;I'd once forgot to remember to die..I'd once felt Hades of haven, singing choirsI'd once smelt fire, tasted it's attires.I'd once seen my sword strike so fair in firesI'd once forgot to remember to die..I'd once burned with quenchy water; Hades' fireI'd once fall'n with windy fire and sm'thy fireI'd once with wave of wind clasped with death fireI'd once forgott'n to remember to die..I'd once of empty thought emitt'd cruel ireI'd once thought talk of talks would wind me tireI'd once as maples stood in haze of fireI'd on…

Life Is Not Clear, It Craves For Light In Vain by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceLife Is Not Clear, It Craves For Light In Vain.
Life is short and fleeting, fleeting yet 'gain,
The poor lives to die, the rich dies to live;
Of a truth, fact, prime, this life has no brain
It's like a steeping tea trembling to dive.
Life is a nightmare; so loving to live:
Time fleets, skilled like muffled drums; ech'es of vain,
Life is to take, unfound death is to give-
Life is so, deep in the dusk and dark vein.
Life is a puffing gale of sorrow, 'gain;
Life is a puzzled grasped in m'nutes to live,
Life is a life; sting of bees, of pleased pain,
Life is a blunder, a gaffe; a must live.
Life is pain and sorrow is pleasure rain,
Life is a survival, it's like a hive-
Life is in thunder, lighting, reign of rain,
-Life is a hive for fearful souls to thrive.
Life is immortal, it is short to live
Life is give and take; the law, least of pain.
Life is a puzzled grasped in m'nutes to live
Life is not clear, it craves for light in vain.

Read the poem dedicated to activist titled We Are The Black Holes In The Kneeling Sky by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceWe Are The Black Holes In The Kneeling Sky.
(Dedicated to all activist of various positive forms.)
We are the black holes in the kneeling sky
The one with kudus from dim waters hi
The woodlog of death panting pale and vile
And the breath of ooz'ng pine in knotty tie.
We are the deep dark black blood, low and high
with speculates with havens on the sky;
The lion trade of dribbling me for you tie-
The shoe laces of the earth, yet untie.
We are the deaf speeches, deaf days, day by
Echoes ascribed to fated heavens as fly
of a thousand bastard and gallop'ng die,
Once we live 'n' die to die and tears decry.
But we're the horns of trumpeter hush bye,
We're the bitter sky that bites vale and high
The flame of blue star fuses, the sky sigh
Like sparks, we blow of sm'thy, but we ne'er die.
We were once the twitter sleepy bird's cry
We were once vain vein in the windless sky
But we're the horns of trumpeter hush bye
And the deepen…

i laugh with tears by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale Peacei laugh with tears
i laugh with tears;
when my eyes heard their death as the foul lives
The vein of my heart splits when pains outlives
We're bound to die is an omen that sieves;
that sieves abrasives and adhes've that gives
that gives pain to life and joy to death m'tives.
i laugh with tears;
when mouth taste some name and split blood off fate
when eyes heard some name and eye them off faith
it makes me grate to great and hate inflate
but they're the grandeur commoner of fate
whose anus smell disgust at heaven's gate.
i laugh with tears;
the hatred for man kind is lovable,
they had all that had their pain had able-
and the sullen law is cold 'n' peccable;
pain ebbed on distant hill is sweetable,
so sweet that they breathe in vain; quite l'vable.
"words from the innocent mind"
             Philip Peace

What Use Is The Law Traded By The Court? By Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceWhat Use Is The Law Traded By The Court?
His heart is a grave yard; like a slave yard
Silent as the cultured barbarian court
His thought is a poison, harmless, unguard
Like the sailor of slipp'ry asphalt yard.
He's strained by merchant tyres, he is scarred;
Scarred to live. He's like a flossy troubl'd port
where sea surges as an instill sea yard,
He's the tears of sorrow and song... of sort.
He's the gentle man in pride, his heart 's hard
The blue rinse of silence in ' guilty court
But he's innocent of his sins, his barred
is the unguard filthy bird in a sport.
He has just stolen a coin, he's retard;
What of those stealing the world, their blood 'll sport?
What use is an obstructed boulevard-
What use is equity when trad'd with ' court.
His heart is a grave yard, like a slave yard
he's innoc'nt but dragged -by merchants- to court,
What use is the Maze of the maize it had?
What use is the law traded by …

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You'll love this romantic poem titled: The Song Of The Willow Twigs by Akinwale Peace. Click to read!

Akinwale PeaceThe Song Of The Willow Twigs.
Tho' they say the sun is ought naught'
and the feverish wind is nought,
But I tell you the wave is athrone
that spreads gentle breeze at twigs' zone.
When sun creeps naught' upon the sky,
And it shines brightly; vale and high;
From leafy stillness of it's throne
that spreads gentle breeze at twigs' zone.
Ev'n when ' sun dies and shadows faint,
As yellow stars crown the sky 'n' paint-
with lonely cloudy breezes blown
that spreads gentle breeze at twigs' zone.
With it's green willow and pl'cid flow;
I heard the winds rumbl'ng as it flow;
To North to South, it danc's alone
and sing the song of mistleto'.
And when the heap of cloud is blind,
And when the sky is dim behind;
The twigs; lonel' as the cloudy throne
still sing the song of mistleto'.
And when the light of night is dark-
When the wind run 'fore dawn embark';
The twigs; lonel' as the cloudy t…

Sleep Oh Babies Sleep by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceSleep Oh Babies Sleep.
Sleep oh babies sleep, your vale of thought 's deep
Sleep oh babies sleep, till dawn light doth creep
Sleep oh babies sleep, sleep till sleep sleeps sleep
Sleep oh babies sleep, v'sit your mother's sleep.
Tell her she has her tickled mind asleep
Tell her she has sold your age as ' worlds' creep
Tell her she's a rock whose heart is a heap
of thorns and broken bottles that are steep.
Ask her why she sleeps as night shadows creep
Ask her why she's dead to your birdlike peep
Ask her why a drifty heap rage your sleep
Ask her if you are such a bastard bleep.
Or is she the first wave of the ris'ng tide?
Or is she the last wind in the wild tide?
Or is she the sorrow that weep a-bride?
Or is she the gloomy cloud in rag'ng tide?
Sleep oh babies sleep, v'sit your mother's sleep;
of thorns and broken bottles that are steep
Ask her why a drifty heap rage your sleep
Or is she the gloomy cloud in rag'ng ti…

The Grave Room Maker by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceThe Grave Room Maker.
The grave room Maker-
He has; the heart of the wind, bank of clouds,
The cru'lty of rain fr'm the eye of the sky.
He has; the ruins of a volcano, smiles
of a beast 'n' laugher of a crocodile.
The grave room Maker-
He forms darkness to the Worlds' Earth; the throat
of tears, trusted;- from his evil mind's art.
His silver clouds consumes crowds as the dew
from the eye of the sky on vale and flow'rs.
The grave room Maker-
Wheels clock up 'neath the sky as his bang bang
attracts souls to rest in dark glooms of death;
as his wrangl'ng hammer makes more room for corpse-
yet undead but he prays to make headway.
The grave room Maker-
Souls pray to live while he pray to earn more;
He did his best to make grave rooms of Gold
for clans to buy, hence he earns more earned gold,
he became a god of dark dank frank holes.
The grave room Maker-
he became a god of dark dank frank holes;
He knows something next to nothing …

If Grief Could Tear And Sorrows Could Speak by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceIf Grief Could Tear And Sorrows Could Speak.
If grief could tear and sorrows could speak;
with barren words and flatteries so weak,
Then thoughts of the strong would make heart weak
and the nature's echo would be weak.
If grief could tear and sorrows could speak;
The strong Sage would be blind and seen weak;
Like a man who could help but still seek,
as a soul snatched faint, so weak to week.
If grief could tear and sorrows could speak;
The old earth is weird, the world is weak!
The soul shall be sadder 'n' strangled; weak,
And the grave would rise to kiss a cheek.
But yet the alarmed heart is but weak;
then thoughts of the strong would make heart weak
and the portal of wav'ring grows weak,
If grief could tear and sorrows could speak.
The White House would become pale and weak;
The bank of clouds would waterless seek
For the tears of earth would gladly speak;
If grief could tear and sorrows could speak.
"words from the innocent mind"

as grave world rest is near to seek by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale peaceas grave world rest is near to seek.
in tick and tacks like tons on brooks
as sedged crowns with surge harmless looks;
it crawls on walls of time as hooks
with silken ticks as silver hooks.
lo, the fleeting hands of time speaks
as swarthy blush and coloured cheeks,
minds listen to the babble speaks
the babbling ticks with mindful leaks.
hours are young gold when days are old
it's grey look on the walls are cold_
but the silence echo is gold;
and often have you heard that told.
so come a day when hours 'll be weak;
as thoughts of death makes strong heart weak,
then shalt thou know the time is meek_
as grave world rest is near to seek.
"words from the innocent mind"
             Philip Peace

Epistle To The Concerned Blacks by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceEpistle To The Concerned Blacks.
Back, Blacks, to the cradle or repos'ng age
Mayhap not befall you nor ruin your age
The grandeur days are old, so left will hide
So much to say but lips unsay and slide.
Who can't be silent and who will not lie?
Make satire a spoof and fable the lie,
Let the twittering wings betray the fly
with gloomy melody to untrue lie.
You think this is wild? Take if for a rule;
No man's smartness so little as that afool,
The world is wild so take it for a rule;
Lest prove innocence the quite angry fool.
Their lie; is a piled up file, a tortoise;
A cunning barrel with still echo'ng noise,
Its stupefy, a gross loss and some ploys,
Like a chirrup brook, it's rhythm's a noise.
Go on, obliging creatures, make me see
Say for comfort while languish on bed's knee
Of bounty is as boundless as the sea
And lay a fight; a noise of music be.
They, who still wanting though they live on theft
Steals much, spends l…