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My people, this is unusual but you need to read about this beautiful site which is a scamming network site @ Read!

latest online ponze scam”

Yea! My people; Brothers and Sisters, Daddies and Mummies, Sages that has been reading my works, I know we all pray to get rich but beware Yoruba people says 'ewu nbe loko alonge, alonge gan an fun rarare, ewu nih' ,that is to say, there is evil in what we seek for and want the most, the evil itself is evil.
We all want and need money but beware, scammers are like air, we breathe them in and out...they're so close to us!
This is the latest and the most ...of the beautiful sites, I present to you, the most beautiful scammer's site that goes by the name;
Chuckles, read about Maxtopia before I continue...
Maxtopia is a reputable platform to improve the lives of Nigerians through transparent community donation activities. It combines the age-long practices of Ajo/Esusu/traditional thrifts with crowd funding technique to enable members of her community to achieve their dreams.
Powered by cutting edge technology, dedicated and experienced support team, Maxtopia enable members to raise the money they seek for any business or project. It is a transparent, member to member donation platform that enables you raise the money that you need for your business and personal needs.
Maxtopia accommodates professionals, entrepreneurs, students and even the presently unemployed who are able to make use of the Internet or who do have siblings and relatives to help them out with the use of it. There are NO discriminations on Maxtopia: A community brand name that stands for ‘Maximum Utopia’, where Utopia means ‘the land where every dream comes true.’ May all our dreams come true.

Hey, I wan beg all of una, make I type with my weak pidgin ...language
I wan beg all of una! This site, they don talk am, nah scam, you guys know say I no dey give you fake things and I'm a writer, I'm not into such stuffs, really, I mean the scamming stuff but when I received the message, Bosses, I was shocked. This time! Make person still dey scam people, if we fit scam Recession, how sweet would heaven be? But they no dey scam Recession, nah our recessed pocket they wan scam. Ah take God beg all of una, share others o. The money is too much!
Look at the evidences for the scams... The tella from the transferred cash into that site... 
This is proof one, this guy lose this money to the site.

Same predicament. It was said that his friend whom he referrered, the guy used more,like the money he paid was more than that... 

please beware this, is a scam site like clarittas and co do not fall victim.

You know  I'm not used to publishing posts like this on my blog, but this is for our safety, share others.

Anticipate for my upcoming article, they robbed Peter to pay Paul.
You can download my blog app to get notified...
Download it here Pls, share others, don't let them fall victim, a injury for one is the injury for all!!!


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