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Short Note On Gender Equity And Available Means Of Curbing Women Abuse by Akinwale Peace Akindayo, Philip Peace

Short Note On Gender Equity And Available Means Of Curbing Women Abuse by Akinwale Peace Akindayo, Philip Peace.
In essence, the concept is violence and and the fact that violence is violence makes it violence; made it effective and gave people a say to effect it even on the pride of our future, on our Treasures.
Violence is always destructive and makes people go against the rule of justice in terms of their concept and orientation, though, it may be the background but the fact violence is an unneeded means of destructive justice.
Some men are sentimental and illiterate criticals, some are moved by what they see; they can't control themselves, some are indebted to causing panic through the hard drinks they've been taking, some men has even lost there right senses and when it comes to bullying; it seems there senses are right whereas, they've lost it all.
In the gender of feminism, they are often called the feeble mind, yes, so what is there offence, (why will you punish a teen with rape?) note: in a parenthesized write. We're all born equally, that is a story that has been told a million time but despite that fact, we still have bully men that harass and brag about gender inequality, and thus, make women feel miserable like they don't have tons of blood running through their veins too, and this men would be the ones you see, walking on the street freely, harassing Ladies in all manner or forms, just to gain an attention, underserved attention and then, lie with them either gently or forcefully, is that life?
We all need to understand Gender Equity when it comes to the affair of man to woman, what is good for the Jews is good for the Gentiles and what is needed is what is useful at that particular time!
I'm sure if a male being sees his co friend or play mate being dragged to a corner with force, such will sense danger and try his best to rescue him, in that like, a male being that sights another male being dragging a female to a corner should know that the purpose is evil, what is such to do, he must look for a way out and save the Lady, he must also take her home and that is Gender Equity!
It is until we understand that issue without is what cause failure, we must plan and prepare for action when it comes to the situations of abuse and harassment, stop them from doing it, how? Do what you have to do, fight for the right of your co being but don't kill. The best thing is to report immediately to the police, this is a world where men beats their wife because of a little misunderstanding and the case seems closed because the woman is so gentle and... She doesn't know her right! Women, know your right! You're not married to be a punching bag nor a disdain bitch or a born being for public disdain, you must try and report illegal action to the legal corners and seek for help, seek for help!
The best way to curb injustice and unnecessary or uncalled for harassment is understanding the concept of Gender Equity and stop being a violence blamer or a questionable blamer: you complain that they wear attractive wears and silly ideas spin through your head, so you got pushed, liar! It is the lustful idea and desire that speaks not really the outfit, besides, incorrect and immoral outfit should be greatly discouraged.
Many people are prey of rape, public abuse and unnecessary jungle justice because of their accent and views outside, but the basis of justice is a cool and understanding atmosphere, putting a stop to questionable blaming. We all know that violence starts from ones background, some were orientated inhumanly maybe because of their disappointed backgrounds but people need to be orientated again, people should start from the grassroot level, teach the primary school pupils what Gender Equity means, tell them it is evil to treat women in an evil way, constantly check their knowledge, show them the right way and let them know Women Abuse is a great offence and it is highly against the law of humanity, God hasn't created us differently so why will either of the beings see treating his other human inhumanly and perhaps, seek pleasure from it. It is highly stupid and preposterous!
Talk to others about ending violence, let them know the intent of your mind, convince your peers, men, convince your peers!
We all must start to recognize the role of Females in the society, they are  treasures that are found and shouldn't be lost. Be in cooperation and know that violence and injustice is a choice that shouldn't be embraced, it should never be embraced!
You can teach yourself; Men, you know the right and the left, educate yourself and know the right of others in the society, ponder on what it takes to be a Woman and treat them right, treat them right!
Women, preserve yourself, plan and know the rightful action to take when it comes to such affairs; when you're pushed to the wall, don't just drop your hands and give in to fate, fight with courage and keep your dignity, the dignity of a Woman, the pride of being respected and honoured as one.
It is when these are done that the wrongs about Women would be corrected and the perfect things to do would be effected, the pride and right to always rise is when you know what you're rising for.
Yes, there is this one thing that is essential too, confront your ideas about immorality, step low and purge your mind off vicious things, your thoughts should be based on moral and virtuous thing, not to do evil and follow the evil speeches in the mind. Men; you're one of the vital beings that can curb and eradicate it, discuss Gender Equity and convince yourself holily, morally and for the good of others.
It is eminent to have a good sense of judgment, it makes one godsend and reputable in the society, even in the midst of peers, it makes us noble and together we'll embrace Gender Equity and thus, ease would be enjoyed by us all.
Thanks for reading, pass your comments.
I'm Akinwale Peace Akindayo, Philip Peace of "words from the innocent mind"


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