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We Are Ants by Jeomen

We Are Ants
You refused to give us one of your
Whiskers for electricity
You cockroach!
Living in a conducive mansion,
While we steadily bites the mother earth
To open; a hole, a home we called city.Again, you said no to our request
We made ever from the start of things,
That you may give us one of your
Feathers for shelter
You cockroach!
Living in a conducive mansion
While we dig rocks with hardened heart.See as our soldiers lifted up you,
You shall be made a sumptuous meal.
You cockroach
That fat on decayed debris
And declined our humble plea,
Let's feed on you, though not to feed to fat
Because, we are ants.Penned by;
Udekwe Chikadibia Johnmary
(No omen no Jeomen)
Thank God my Muse is BACK!
All Rights Reserved

When Seen With A Lady by Jeomen

When Seen With A Lady
See friends
Judge this.When seen with a lady
Eyes will be staring and peeping at me.
Is this fair?See friends
Judge this.When seen greeting a lady
Mouths will talk and die talking,
Still wondering if it's fair.See friends
Judge this.When seen with a lady
Having fun,
They tell us their woes.Is this fair,
My good friends?Can't I talk again?
Should I live in isolation?Friends, only you I put this judgment to.
Be objective!
© UdekweChikadibiaJohnmary
All Rights Reserved

Walk In Dear by Jeomen

Walk In DearWalk in dear
Do you fear?
Don't, come, just feel free,
It's only me, not two or three.I've been chatting with loneliness
But here you are, my  princess,
Wearing worrisome garment
And ever ready to wail and lament.Oge...
It's okay,
This is night not afternoon,
Sleep, for morning is coming soon.Let me call on sleep
Let me call on darkness,
To befall us and keep,
For our bones have seen weakness.Walk in my lovely dear
Come and sleep here,
Sleep off your troubles claiming right
Leave them with this ungodly  night.Let morning bring joy; joy with hope
For when morning comes,
Darkness will cry and will be in envelop.
So, feel free to be my spouse.Written by;
Udekwe Chikadibia Johnmary.
(No omen no Jeomen)
All Rights Reserved

If I'm Lost To The Lonely Road by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceIf I'm Lost To The Lonely Road.
If I shut my eye 'gainst the light
And I got lost but found out-sight
If I love to stay clear the night?
Tell me, will you be by my side?I've conquered hills and vales from sides,
I've fought the stars and fought... besides,
I've gone to the moon, I've seen brides,
Tell me, will you be by my side?See, I've been the stories that touch,
But that night, with your soft smooth touch...
Baby, let's just say you're nonesuch,
Tell me, will you be by my side?I checked the sky, you're the rainbow
that baths n'ked and welcomes rain-bowl,
You're the palm in my gourd of soul,
Tell me, will you be by my side?You're like the wheel, I'm just the tyre,
Steer me anywhere, I admire,
I'll be the satire you conspire,
Tell me, will you be by my side?If I'm lost to the lonely road,
And an apple eye colds like toad
If I could be me, when we unfold,
Tell me, will you be by my side?"words from t…

They're Eyes Of The Sky by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceThey're Eyes Of The Sky.
I love to walk near kept lasses
With smiles of bliss from eye lashes
I love to walk near girls less heels
With height so short like hewn down trees.I love to see the sight of girls
With scent as rose prettying their twirls
I love to wonder at their art
Their voice alone oft melt my heart.I love to be a fool for them
To taste the smell of scent of them
Those lovely blissful dirt of eye
Oft' take me off my feet deny.Their eye and lips so soft yet beam
Like gaze of stars it seems to me
It's not good that God did 'em that good
They're eyes of the sky, that's what's good."words from the innocent mind"
            Philip Peace

The Way Nature Lives by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceThe Way Nature Lives.
A day with dead-like breathing things;
Whose lifelessness is livelier than
a boring chat, the way it spins
'round the sky, like the spring of ringsis a day that h'avens came to Earth;
The way th' clouds wander on the sky,
The way the stars shine in lone mirth,
The way the sun rules the day's – skyThe way drops favour our soft skin
The way dew blindly covers th' world
The way twilight makes night's making
The way the stars became a world.The way dawn creeps like a slow snail
The way the pangs of motion creeps
The way we see the breeze of dale
The way the morn stars on sky heaps.A day with breathless breathing lives
whose silence is known with voices
like the voice of silence, it lives
'neath heaven, like its acc'mplices."words from the innocent mind"
              Philip Peace

When One Revolts by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceWhen One Revolts.
Time when clinging steel pang the wretched souls
and war heroes lose the taste of death. Brought
back by breasts' wails with shag-eared hair– wip'ng tears;
But weapons laugh to scorn in admir'd disast'r–
and all foul are fair, and all fair are foul;
When lives bear gashes whose looks are fair on 'em,
and lives fell front to front with clinging steel.Three ears I heard them speak, said we'd revolt,
Three hears were deaf as blood went cold to faint.
Three Sirs and MA's, three lives and dead liv'ng souls
as we died while standing, for we feared none-
theless, so we were th' black coal in white pots?
and they have come to wage against our minds?
But dying isn't an option, liv'ng isn't too."words from the innocent mind"
              Philip Peace

The Meaning Of Nonsense by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceThe Meaning Of Nonsense.
The cow that swings his tail at the butcher
will have his tail sunk into his buttocks.
The tongue that breach on the crunchy bony teeth
will have nothing to taste its crushed remains.
The bird that prides in her dazzling beauty
should b' shown Okin's pride in Joseph's colours.
The rainbow that clads himself 'neath the cloud
is ready for the pail fall from heaven.
See, it's displeas'ng to be pleased with accolades
of thousand few words, making ' head well up
like Gaari Ijebu. See, it's the weak heart
that wangs his teeth at biscuit bones, it's much
ado to say the beginn'ng end'd somewhere.
It's hard to start from somewhere where it end'd.
Sòkòtò(Guider of holes) is near the Kòtò(hole),
just _so_(throw) the _Òkò_(stone)
and hit the jackpot.
What use is even the cup that can't fetch an ocean
When tears can well up oceans and ravines?
What use is the sun that cannot dry the sea
when it burns …

What Do You Have For Us by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceWhat Do You Have For Us?
these are the seeds we prayed to have
we're now treat'd like slaves of the sun
to the moon and back, on behalf
of the starry long nights; half a sun.these are the pains and joyous grief
we've held on our throats for a long
time, hoping time would heal it brief
but hope isn't a grain of sand.these are the songs from broken tones
and sneeze from crooked throats. these are
the tears we kept in the sky, the drone
of joy that forbade morning star.these are we, where we are, void of
tone to hold our flags high, our hands
are crippled and our days are old, off
to the grave are we to go with rough of sands?we have made days and we've made nights,
we have made suns and we've made stars,
we have rewritten the old writes–
we have made you to rule our bars."words from the innocent mind"
               Philip Peace

The World Is A Television by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceThe World Is A Television.
To see the world like eye sees nose,
And the sky with the eye lid pose;
And heaven with the Mole of mote
Makes life a piece of acting bloat.The one that answers to a doubt
Is left of knowledge, aware out.
The one that trains a horse to war
Is feigned to seem as fit to war.A truth that's told with bad intent
Beats all the lies you can invent.
And so when life is piece of cake
Your tongue would twist but lip would rake.The flying golden beggars' rag
Is slap on heaven's golden bag.
For all fingers are not equal
And cutie ugly 're but equal.For man was made for joy and woe
And you with me would rest his soul;
And if this truth could write on hearts
Will all dust know this life's some arts.For every tear from every eye;
Is made up fr'm joyous griefs that lie,
And Oldie's rag spread with delight
Is richer than the richest night;For engines squealing saves them strength
And the poor's strength is more at length.
Who m…

Philip Peace was interviewed weeks ago by sparklewritershub___#WriterSpotlight – “If I don’t write in a day, the day isn’t fruitful.” Akinwale Peace Akindayo. Read

Akinwale Peace Akindayo, Philip Peace was interviewed weeks ago by sparklewritershub,everything cannot just be everything, not until you put your everything into the everything.– Akinwale Peace Akindayo he found out it's a privilege to be account for as a worthy writer, he however want to share his experience on his blog for his readers to read,
The interview from Sparklewritershub
The Interview in full.

Sparkle Writers, it’s another Thursday! Are you ready for today’s #WriterSpotlight feature? 

Philip Peace started writing about six months ago but his resolve to write has helped him to achieve a whole lot in his few months of writing. Like we always say, just start; you never know where your writing can take you. 
Enjoy this interview.
Hello Philip, please introduce yourself:
I’m Akinwale Peace Akindayo, publicly known as Philip Peace. I’m a writer and poet.
While doing a quick background check we found this in your bio; “I write to wound hearts and heal hearts, I write to kill hop…

Gone Are The Days by Jeomen

Gone Are The DaysGone are the days
We laugh and die laughing.
We grin
And sin
On pocket picking.Gone are the days
We pluck the unripe fruits
Because of hunger
Which will not satisfy
And be not enough.Gone are the days
We speak to talking pot
We had hand shake
And look around for any eye peeping,
We don't mind the hotness of the hand of pot.Truly, gone are the days
Our legs goes about counting new houses
Hunting till sun goes to bed
And coming back home to yawn
With body full of millions of dirt.Gone are these days now
We now plough
Any hope for bountiful harvest.We now grow,
Yet panic of growing old
Childhood plays haunting.©Udekwe Chikadibia Johnmary
Penname: Jeomen
All Rights Reserved
Good evening beloved!

Words on More by Akinwale Peace

You know there are some times when things not worth the rate for are given, such time is when they say luck speaks.
That is the naked part in life
There are some mistakes, we often think we shouldn't be bothered but trust me, bother more and worry lees, just learn from it
That is the life is childlihood Things you never want to forget
That is really my prayer. It reminds me of things...
What do you think?

Hmm, fantasy?

Don't expect much from people, expect less. Someone said that to me....

I've Promised Myself; I Will Never Cry by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceI've Promised Myself; I Will Never Cry.
I've promised myself; I will never cry,
Even if we till the land to the sky_
Even if they're like Pharaoh, we won't cry;
A coward man before death they say die_
I've promised myself; I will never cry.
My heart panic like fishponds filled with salt;
When they deep-her deeper in pulled assault_
My heart skipped beats when they said twas our fault,
And they feed us with sour palmy with thorns_
I've promised myself; I will never cry.
It was funny when I cried, when pains groaned;
With our droned voic's, we shouted and bemoaned
like fishes in the mire, we faint'd and groaned.
They hollered at us, our bones became boned_
I've promised myself; I will never cry.
Some breathe their last and they were named a name;
Simple it was, not easy to b' rename(d)
All well wishers wished them well wishes lame;
Different names now named 'Dead' with deific silence_
I've promised myself, I will n…

When We Fall In Love by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceWhen We Fall In Love.
When we fall in love, when we fall in love
We feel the world is a tip of iceberg and we fall for ice creams in the creams' bag
When we fall in love, when we fall in love.
The smiles, the shyness at her eyelid sights
The beating heart, the naughty standing hair
The feelings, emotions, ticking like a loop loop
The gladness, enthusiasm to be by the side
The gentle gentle touch and ease at a pat
The mad feelings, weird moments, so much lovely!
And we feel we can cruise the universe which is
such a small circle, that take us round and round
like a carousel and drops us back to square one.
Then love becomes the blind man's dream
Then love becomes the deaf man's song
Then love become a sweet nightmare
And love becomes an illusion, a dream never dreamt.
But no one dies without anyone
But love kills without a sword or a spear.
It's a matter of the beat, like the gallops
It's a matter of the lonely red love
It's a of heartbreaks and …

Time Fleets And Wait At The Shore by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceTime Fleets And Wait At The Shore.
The land is a cluster of mixed up thread
that fights the motion in a daring dread.
That makes day a year. That makes year a day.
That makes a bright cut through the brain, to stay
as it's the plain red burning a burnt toast,
fuming like a dry mouth- twisting the roast.
Confusion is a spin round in the head_
A soccer field in the mind of a shred.
Dilemma is choosing nought out of nought
Dilemma is a sweet time, ideas; lost_
It's like a bubbling stove outside a night,
It's the fume of white ashes in the light;
Blown to left or right, blown to right or left.
Confusion is a therapy, a cleft
that saves the mad mind; the full in a hole.
The past is a stone; a stone for morrow,
Morrow is a stone thrown from the old past
Time fleets and wait at the shore to its last.
"words from the innocent mind"
               Philip Peace

Let Tears Weep by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceLet Tears Weep.
Our comm'nity is poor where rich mass's lives,
Our tap streams like pregnant woman's urine,
Our roads are rough roots of a baobab tree,
Our buildings; ramshackled by thunderous wind
that bravely fight like a valiant coward.
We're crying to deaf list'ning ears, we lost our
voices to pain and clamour, twas pleasure
seeing us behind the gate like Lazarus
and the rich man as dogs of blank iron
swallows our loud bangs on your gate in vain_
Pity was a pitch of pitiless plea;
Yet we cry our tears to the blue skied air–
Our tears came back to us in knitt'ng needles.
The world revolves round a table, that rolls
as we also roll, we are sitt'ng, waiting
for the tables to turn to us while the
wall behind us hear our cries and keep us
company, till then, Brethren, let tears weep.
"words from the innocent mind"
              Philip Peace

Nemes's Is A Fortune In A Padlock by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceNemes's Is A Fortune In A Padlock.
Nemes's is a fortune in a padlock
with a lost key, recover'd by villain's deed,
It's the morrow that wouldn't be yester
It's the unfortunate luck of evil;
A re-bounce of the bounce that has been bounced.
It's like a hot coal placed on the bed Such
will sleep just to endanger another
whereas Such fell asleep first 'n' fall on it.
It's as the sun at night-star; the big light
that seconds the first, it's retribution.
There once was once a man with two children;
He loved one most, the other the mother
loves most. When Father was stricken in age
and has no hair on the head nor eye in
the eye, he called his loved to bless him but
make him Bush-meat before. Mother gossiped
to her beloved and he outsmart'd Father's
beloved, father blessed in misconception
And Father's beloved lost to mother's loved.
Mother's loved was afraid like a coal neath'
the rain and thus ran lik…

Late October Is Late by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceLate October Is Late.
On crystal day when wind was soft as silk
The monstrous Crown gave out the Staff of milk,
Adorned with lion's skin in clothed wool like the
Celestial dress, thin powerful Staff, Thee–
which all hairs bow to pay revolt homage.
The Crown gave us the sky to multiply
Gave us our land to till and multiply:
To live like the immortal whale, to that;
We were free slaves in our motherlands' art_
It birthed us blood and we bathed with the blood
The Crown left 'n' gave us a Rock in Aso,
Their lips changed and war spread it wings, the soul
that lives shall die to the throne, turn by turn
the khaki men ruled and civil men scorn_
They've forgotten Demo-Cracy is we we–
Were we cracy to rule ourselves by selves?
We became the standing sun like the shelves
on the sea, fainting at noon, darkened at
night, October is late, twas where we start–
So we all became pile or tattered cards.
Blood flood at day, breath cease at night, the sun

The Sky Is A Globe, Wide For Birds To Fly by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceThe Sky Is A Globe, Wide For Birds To Fly.
Now that the cups drink and the world is still
It seem broken while dregs toss away like
streams without end– the cup of sorrow and
water of pain; it's like a Palace's mess.
The land the old ones trod are now bushes;
They cleared it and made an easy tough road
Now, the stone age seem to seek a cleared road
than ploughing their thick bushes when its tough.
Does manna still fall from the hungry sky?
Mannas fall for birds that seek the manner
cos the sky is the globe, too wide to fly
and we here are ants, do yours while I do mine.
"words from the innocent mind"
             Philip Peace

Children Of The Evening Of The World by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceChildren Of The Evening Of The World.
Some b'auteous Beauty are foundations of hell
With their slay'ng dresses with beautiful rags
as a borrow'd hair, hair that flies in the winds
like the wings of the fowls. But the air has blown
and we've seen the naked fowl, we've seen them.
When rain fall, it streams down the earthly makeups
and makes a beautiful mess of their faces
like dirty scribbles of tribal marker on Abiku–
The beautiful hell that flames weird eyelids
and the shinny eye like twinkle stars and hungry sun.
The beauty is temporal like their senses;
like them or low aesthetic of ugly beauty–
Hence, they spangle head like the tinkling of cymbal;
as big earrings collide to sing as ding  dongs, to jingle
songs of 'notice me' for a night ride in sexy heels.
The evening children of the world that host
on body sale like pests, they're simple uneasy
fellow that spoils the bean with bitter sugar,
Even if sugar is mixed with salt, ants…

Women are gods by Akinwale Peace Akindayo

Women Are gods by Akinwale Peace Akindayo, Philip Peace.Theoretically, we have this kind of different feeling about either of the creatures God created but practically, we'll see that women are the most talented and unaffordable treasure to man and the world in general."Women are the wisest creatures that are made, that we can see, after God." It's like God gave them the ultimate power to do things that are unpredictable though they could be the will of God but trust me, when there is impossibilities, tell a woman, they'll make it possibilities.Mother Teresa Said, "I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish He didn't trust me so much." This proves the essence of women's trust and perfect closeness to possibilities with God.
There is one thing about being a woman. Women are gifted, they know they are but some are lacking in their responsibilities and that has proved many things wrong.
Marie Curie said "we must belie…

The Contemporary and Oldie Misconception On Religion by Akinwale Peace Akindayo

The Contemporary and Oldie Misconception On Religion by Akinwale Peace Akindayo, Philip Peace.
Religion is a bound or a tie that connects people or physical men to God or metaphysical beings. – Akinwale Peace Akindayo.
However, historically, Africa was/is said to be full of notorious religious people, that is, "Africans are Notoriously Religious." This is quite sympathetic as it may seem and obviously, it is, but taking a sharp look at the old mode/mood of the phase/face in which religion was practiced, we'll see that the way it was worshipped or taken into practice is quite different to the present mode of worship, therefore, Religion is always new and said to be modern though the major content is not or never different, nevertheless, Religion is to be a Giant Whale that owns the sea, the Earth and the World in actual fact because the world revolves around Religion. Obviously, Religion is a means of getting to know the true concept of prayer which is generally or lame…

If You Dig Right by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceIf You Dig Right.
You're the first blue star on a half sunset_
You're the full blue moon when the sun bears rest,
When will blood strip from your horse' neck, to best
a Crown in the home of the world, of set?
Listen Child, the sky is full of blue stars
and the street is full of handsome beggars;
Beggars of fidel'ty while used by liars,
Beggars begging b'fore the bride's knee eagers
to kneel down on the mat of blissful home,
And on the crest of love like that of Rome–
Like the way of life– some will come to home
your heart with vain lips while they abuse you.
You know you're the bright star in a blue night?
Don't let the digger dig your first blood right,
Let Mr Right make love than to dig right;
If you dig right, Mr Right will seem sex's rite.
Wait to dig well like the holes when rain fall;
They don't dote the soil from mere cloud and fall
of giant winds, they're needle holes when the fall
from the eye of the sky; let…

Surviving Or The Scorns by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceSurviving Or The Scorns.
How plain is the  tone of bleakly mourners?
It's a red hot sword, ripped to pierce a clay;
of weak heart, crying at smiles of scorners–
As despair flood through streaming cheeks to stay.
Hope is a log of wood blown by the wind;
To the four heads of the world where time flies
and morrow seems a dark lens, faced by wind
of chances as sorrow speaks 'neath the skies.
How pale 'n' weak is the soul of a grieved soul?
Awful pleasure as Peter on the sea?
Or the torn of soft ties could make a whole?
Or brethren, what then is living to see?
The aged hair has seen hell, it made their eyes
dim like a thrust on the soil; such is life.
What is summer after winter, the lies
of time roll'ng or the time left to survive?
To survive is burning hot on cold coal,
Time left is to panic and mourn to scorns
by scorners. The earth could cajoled  console
but what matters most, surv'ving or the scorns?
"words from the innocent mind&…