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A Note Of Thanks, Sharing My Recent Success Story and A Charge To Soul by Akinwale Peace

I am Akinwale Peace Akindayo
I'm writing this piece to say thank you and to challenge you to never relent nor relegate yourself to nothing even if others do such to you. .
I started writing in the mid year of 2016 and I've submitted my writes for/to few competitions, I found out the winning entries at each competitions is of the least to the match of mine; I'm not saying my work is the best, but I know it deserves the best.
I got disappointed and...I got disappointed the most when I submitted few of my best works to an Editor outside Nigeria through the help of a great Author, Jeanette Leone Skirvin, I submitted late last year and I was in a happy mood when I saw the reply, early this year; it caused a spill of salt in my meal. The Editor told me that it is not the right way to write and compile, and blablabla... But note, I don't copy writers or poets, I write independently, I write how it suites me and that is me!
Then I made up my mind; never to write for any compe…

Read this Flash fiction titled Tale Of Two Hearts By Akinwale Peace

Tale Of Two Hearts by Akinwale Peace Akindayo
.She told her, "I don't want to get involved with him again, not again! He has been breaking my heart, you want me to be miserable for the best time in my life; my youthful time?"
That is Sandra, the fair girl with a curly hair. When she faces back; her hair scatters like a splash of ice on the road and it makes her the eye of the town, and the most beautiful girl in her vicinity but she keeps falling in love with the wrong heart.
"But this is another guy in your shoes too, he needs affection the way you'd ever needed it but he has been failed too!"
Sal  blared at her. She had been advising and candidly telling her what seems good all these while but Sandra seem a mountain that is unmovable.."I promise you, I'll never break her heart, ask my friends, girls breaks my heart, I don't do. I've been single for a while now; I need someone to build my trust in, I need someone to keep my trust and make …

Maybe Hope, Maybe Of Dreams; Maybe Dead by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceMaybe Hope, Maybe Of Dreams; Maybe Dead.
A mood by the desert of pant'ng lizard,
Someth'ng farther off in stones of little sleeves.
It happens, under the sky that cared-less –
Maybe our hands had grip on dripping sword.
Blood smell on the land like rotten Emu,
Maybe the tiny strings barnful of hays–
Maybe the knotting sun has locked in greys–
Oh truly— maybe the Brook flicker dole.
Perhaps, soft parents willed us to this view,
Maybe twas never doubted with unfaith.
Truly, poverty plus contentment is
great gain; A ritual to read to anoth'r.
Perhaps, renaissance could be morrow too–
Maybe our parents willed us myopic,
Maybe it's custom, law, trad'tion, culture!
Mayb' we'll see best through thin holes of our eyes.
Blood smell on the land like rotten Emu;
Maybe of hope, dreams, morrow; that are smashed,
Maybe it's found in loss of a thrown stone–
into the river; but mixed with cold blood.
"words from the innocent mind"

For Those Who Are Afraid To Live by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceFor Those Who Are Afraid To Live.
The horizon and the spring of light,
And in the rush of darkness of night;
We're walking on a cliff ledge sight
and we're freed as stars of the night.
But a snap would have been better,
Maybe a voice in a clutter.
Or mutter seem mute aflutter
Maybe it's found in a flutter.
Maybe we find; lost it being here.
Maybe our voice finds a-way there.
Maybe the sun unset its heir.
Maybe we move through the dark here.
Maybe a voice finds being afraid,
Truly mayb' honesty's betray'd.
Yay! it's on an edge, we're cascade;
And we're to change in locking braid.
"words from the innocent mind"
             Philip Peace

Read this profound and concised piece of art titled Live, Love And Die by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceLive, Love and Die.When the going gets faulty, the smooth
path becomes rocky on soft tars.
The cluster of heavy heaps is
the bit by bit of draining flood.It sheds like a crocodile's tears
and it looks for affection when
it lost love like bees lost taste;
The usefulness becomes a waste.So the drain of heaps from the bunch
and the bitter honey streaming
amidst sugar is a saved waste.
The beauty b'comes not unugly.Like the parading clouds and the
shoving dancing thunder at night;
Where leads the smoke of lightning, the
rumble of fleeting winds on waste?"words from the innocent mind"
              Philip Peace

Read this wonderful piece of poetry titled Emi Gan Gan Ni Abiku by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceEmi Gan Gan Ni Abiku.I'm the python that split deep in your vein,
I'm the green snail under your curled wrapper.
I'm the cry'ng Babalawo to your pain;
See, your yam and oil; from you, oh Miser–
is a useful waste on Esu's black head.I laugh in cacophonic hoarse and gruff
voice. To catch a mice you must act as one.
Yet you appeal to a dead god that puff
jargon at me, you think naught of all's done?
See, emi gan an lesu, I'm Abiku!Don't waste your treasure on the black boiled head
else you will sing the song of still at birth.
When thunder dance across the sky with dread,
Know that its me coming as your third mirth–
And your crackling yell would be heard by walls.See, emi gan an lesu, I'm Abiku!
The booming rang of tiger in the wood,
The cluster of waste waves in a cycle,
You're not unsafe with me, I killed you good.
I'm the heavy weight of tons on the brook!"words from the innocent mind"
              Philip Peace

Punctuations Are The Emotions Of Poetry by Akinwale Peace

Punctuations Are The Emotions Of Poetry by Akinwale Peace
"Little things can drive emotions to bigger things, widest experiences and superfluous feelings".
Punctuation is one of those things that refine poetry, to me, punctuation in poetry is " the arrangement of feelings or thought in/with concept/content of an art work".
Let's take for an example:It was dusk when the dark was light
I had a feeling, 'twas quite tight
I was surprised 'twas a plight
And I swam in the ocean of my sight.AndIt was dusk, when the dark was light,
I had a feeling, 'twas quite tight.
I was surprised, 'twas a plight,
And, I swam, in the ocean of my sight.Read the two poems considering the punctuations, if you read with the pace of punctuation in the second poem, you'll feel the poet, the feelings circled with the content, you'll have that kind of emotional pace in terms of the exact message the writer is trying to pass across. That is how punctuations portray …

Real Liars Don't Lie by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceReal Liars Don't Lie.
Real liars don't lie;
We see truth in the eye–
Cos' we know they lie.
What if they speak the true?Real liars don't lie;
It's artless, but the eye
is true with the lie,
What if they speak the true?Real liars don't lie;
With cold bold voice of guile
and one worth worthwhile,
But they could speak the true.Real liars don't lie;
they make it riddle-while,
So what's truth to lie?
The flush of full borne blue.A doubled faced fair lie
and sincere truth is lie,
Soft word of moral guilt; lie.
But they, could speak, the true."words from the innocent mind"
              Philip Peace

Mama Told Tales by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceMama Told Tales.
To fathom the lies in the lullabies
mama sing is understandable, but,
The lies that walks on the street, those that lie
in the pages of books, the lies that sniff's
and the oral ones; can we but fathom?The one that walks is a cock and bull tale,
The one that lies through books is true mirage,
The one that our nose's sniff 's far to the head,
The oral one is true; it was passed through;
Mama's ugly rhyme is to ease the wail–Maybe she doesn't want her nipple soft,
Maybe they want us to fight for their right.
Maybe they want our hands to touch heaven,
Maybe fables in the pages are true;
Maybe the one that walks is what we speak,But we walk like a wheel with a grey crown;
And we have grey hairs like Daniel today,
And our hands strive to touch the roofs, but no,
Maybe we can't fight for them, for their lies;
But mama told tales, that spirits still live.She said spirit lives in river Ose
Kurunmi isn't dead, he's now a fire,

Letter To Mum by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale Peace AkindayoLetter To Mum.
When I was living young'r in date,
She whispered words I couldn't hear,
but I know her heart has blessed me;
Yet, I.. I.. I said; her teeth stinks;
I, disobey'd her golden verses.I grew from 4 limbs to 2 limbs,
She smile when they said I am cute,
They said I will be a doctor,
She told me they said I am bright,
That I'm a source of joy and peace.But I made her cry; when my voice
became bold, and my eye is wide.
I made her panic, my rough voice
was man's, when I saw the true world
in its topsy-turvy order.I was like a beg to live being
and I became a naked pot
which has no shame even when burnt.
But she stay'd with her prodigal son;
Praying for him to come back home.Here is your son, mum, he's okay.
Here is Peace, he knows his career.
Heaven cursed hell to make Haven
betwixt Hades of Life's challenges.
Here is your son, mum, he has changed."words from the innocent mind"
              Philip Peace
Happy Mothe…

The Butterfly That Calls Himself A Bird by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceThe Butter Fly That Calls Himself A Bird.
The butterfly that called himself a bird,
Never knew he is a quarter of third,
The cap that calls himself the palace's crown
Never knew the nose is far to the head.
The men abroad called themselves Afric's Crown,
And called the men 'neath seas their winsome slaves;
Never knew that a stone thrown hits just once,
Never knew mud thrown stone splits at them all;
Never knew our shrine has the dare and gut–
Never knew Masquerade's wear isn't rags–
Never knew the rag is e'vn attractive.
So they came and sold their ugly culture,
The culture 's abroad junks dumped to our land,
And our land is not a bush though it has,
And our heart is not art nor path apart–
They're like a full moon threaten'ng silent night,
Who does the moon help, our dream or the sky?
See, talkie talkie is a blind radio,
They can even fly at night for they think
they are bird; just a humming butterfly
that crawls –like the snake– wh…

The World Have A Request Of You by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceThe World Have A Request Of You.
The world have a request of you
For what thou hast is like a dew,
And few eschew is more for you;
But heaven rest and lie with you.A three decades could not a shew,
We know not whence to die, to fool
fate is like an obstructing view,
For heaven rest and lie with you.A second is gold; one can't chew
a stick at morn and spread a flu.
The dangling tick ticks counts on you;
For heaven rest and lie with you.It's not unsafe that world's in you,
What use is the useless favour'd few?
The wheel that weighs a ton_ to few
made heaven rest and lie with you.The gruff, hoarse and rough voice will mew,
And five decades seem end of you,
A grain of sand, hope could be too;
The world have a request of you.The world have a request of you,
for what thou hast is like a dew;
That mist in summer storm is who?
The world have a request of you."words from the innocent mind"
             Philip PeaceThe wheel in the context means a level …

When Are We Going To Enjoy Wealth by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceWhen Are We Going To Enjoy Wealth?
Hunger walks on the street like a beggar,
The city is hungry while few cry
This 's hunger's unprecedented era;
e'en the blind could see and the deaf could hear;
That hunger walks on the street and enjoy.Those men with cozy dreams are respected thieves,
They steal our treasures and feed their pockets,
Yet, we say it's their time, let them enjoy
while we swim in the pool of poverty;
Oh, we are flying birds of same feathers;See, a bird doesn't dominate the sky,
Yet the eagle is as king of them all–
So, we print on papers for them to steal
from our heritage, while we, yet knowing
fold our arms and flip pages of paid news,Nodding our head affirmatively like
a lizard? we act like we don't know that;
Our wing is weary and our well is dry–
We are the earth, waiting for ice cream from
the sun, please tell me, how will it not melt?Yet, we applaud them when they appear on
our screens. They're dirty noblemen and thieve…

The Lost Boy's Laugh by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceThe Lost Boy's Laugh.
am one,
out of many;
of few thousands.
The sad distorted
voices of poverty
beneath the bridge, where many
rest their heavy head like a stone.
I, I'm the hope, it cope' and elope
with the p e a c e that is lost across de-coast.
I'm, the cacophony of strange voices,
The rhythmic pain of homely orphans.
I am, the sad voices of rich beggars,
that mourn on plaintive rhythmic voice 'n' hymn.
I'm, the long lost boy with cozy nightmare,
The despondent hopeful boy. How long amile,
how far is home from Rome? Tell me, where's home?
Where the bat sing in grim cackle voices,
Where I could eat a bag of rice wh'n famished,
Home is now a toothpick, a sweet poison,
But I'm lost to a crazy world, where my
silent voice shakes the planet, but they say,
They said to me, they said and said and asked;
'who are you?' And I laugh the lost boy's laugh;
I laugh with tears which ears had bore round years.

Tale From A Lost Boy by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceTale From A Lost Boy.
Look beyond the storm that is dearing dire,
Some heart burn like a burning flaming fire;
Eager waves crushing his dreams, and nightmare
feels warm inside cozy dreams of morrow.The little long lost child in a lost world,
With shadows scribbling on the country walls,
He, with a silent whine, but fate was lost;
Na├»ve you could say. But he slept without rest.Like a large lidded cup, so is his world–
Overwhelmed with casualties like blotted
bottles. But he was the blurred sunset mist;
And the porthole he couldn't see was clear.He was a boy that sleep under the bridge,
With natural waves wailing while he wrap
with cold, and sunrise strip his rumpled sleeve,
His warm was worm with worn out celestial.Daddy slept in cozy dreams, mummy slept
on comfort beads. He was lost along day
and the breath they breathe was the atmosphere
'cause peace with them seem a piece of bare waves."words from the innocent mind"
            Philip Peace

Read this expository post titled The Setting Of The Today's Religion: Causes Of Religious Misconception and War by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale Peace Akindayo

The Setting Of The Today's Religion:
Causes Of Religious Misconception and War.
The only way/thing that links the belief of a particular group or set of people to their believed supernatural being is Religion; it circles round each theoretical, philosophical, historical, traditional or contemporary belief; Religion is just the mediator, the term -as a living thing- between the physical being and the Supernatural Being.

However, as I've said, Religion is the only link between the physical being and the Supernatural Being and that makes Religion a must for some set of people. It was however criticized in Nigeria, that since the emergence of Region in Nigeria -apparently, the Christian Religion started far before the 19th century, before it was called the Palace Religion, when the missionaries are only seem to dominate and preach gospel in the Old Benin Palace with promises of securities and provision of ammunition to the King and the Chiefs, then, names o…

The Journey Of Life; Life As A Market by Akinwale Peace

The Journey Of Life;
Life As A Market.Life is generally known as the period of living, a period of breathing from childhood/birth that surely precedes death. But I'll tell you that Life is a deck of card, it falls and fall, but we stand to make something from it. Life is a cursed mistress, if we don't make it happen, it will move our stand.
We do different thing when it comes to buying and selling. We have talents, God's given gift...but how can we journey through this world while we are alive without buying and selling this?
No, we don't buy and sell talents or gifts, we Share and Discover talents and gifts.
Life is a market, how well have you used what you have to impact and help others?
Douglas Adams said, "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be."
Can you beat your chest and say I've helped and shared, also helped others in discovering themselves?
This is what life is all about, that is what living …

Flash Fiction; A Restless Rainbow by Akinwale Peace

A Restless Rainbow by Akinwale Peace (Philip Peace)Flash Fiction"I was made for you but I'll never be for you."
That is Kingsley, he just saw his girlfriend in the dirty act in which he met her before he grew wild in a positive affection for her. The girl she made love with the day he met her. They were at the carpark, Kingsley mistakenly step on Kenny's shoes, the soft design on her shoe got spoilt and made her dressing odd and disappointing, -the shoe is what people see first in a dress-, she never wanted to go back home, "that is one of her best shoe." Her friend said to Kingsley when bye was trying to sympathize with her and also apologize.
He actually asked where they're going, the naughty Kenny hung on him and took hold of his well knotted tie, she flung herself to him and press her thigh to a 360 degree, with relative closeness to his belt, his resting zip is now getting broader, he was looking at her, maybe she wanted to start a fight, the way g…

If I Never Love You by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceIf I Never Love You.If you give me your grief,
and it made me cry
Will you still stay with me
Like Desdemona did.If you share me your tears
And it made me cry
Will you wipe me mine tears
And be the one for me.If you share me your pain
And it made me cry
Will you stand by my side
like we're crossing the bar.If you open your heart
Will you let me in
To write a new story
Till lines of grave grow cold.If I never love you
Will you dare love me
The love was once a blue
white knees now golden rings."words from the innocent mind"
            Philip Peace

The Tears That Made Me Cry by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceThe Tears That Made Me Cry.If you give me your grief;
It'll be your tears and my eye,
It is your journey and my path;
And nature's made another of me,
I remember your tears that made me cry.You're the eye that I saw;
You're the one, my pain and cure,
Noise is safe emotion, one none
could lure, twas right here, where it was won;
All to put a stop. Affection was pure.It's you, the heart I loved,
You made it beat, and made stopped.
It stopped, no one but one looked back;
Twas in my heart, that I fought it won_
To forget you, for the love was honey.It was right here, I slept
like log of wood in tiger's
booth; it is the way to my path,
And it moulded another Adam;
And I could see those tears, that made me cry."words from the innocent mind"
             Philip Peace

For All That Matters Is Morrow, With Me by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceFor All That Matters Is Morrow, With Me.Love is not a joke, but my heart is one,
Care is not a thing, but the soul is done,
I live only for you, the breath is none,
And now that I found you, my world is done.'cause it's's you, my relief and pain,
It's fair from fair, in terracotta's reign;
I can put all astay, to make it rain–
I wrote your name on clouds, it became rain.Even if I plant the sky on ugly
flabby skins, I spread the sea, in snugly
gentle breeze, you would controlled my ugly
heart and mould me like Adams, such smugly...You are my liar, yet the truth I speak,
What else does heaven seek, a grim-light peek?
Nonetheless shall I say, for all I seek:
That fate toss you to my breast; all I seek.You're the false, yet the positive in me,
Evening may turn to dawn; for all cares He,
New times are worst to old times; all cares He,
For all that matters is morrow, with me."words from the innocent mind"
             Philip Peace

Hope Is A Clad Rainbow by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceHope Is The Clad Rainbow.Hope is the thing of heart
That throbs deep in the soul
That makes the bird eats worm
Like there's no other loathe.Hope is a tattered card
That flies high in the space
Like kites that waves at noon
In hungry airy doom.Hope is a thing of hope
More longer than enough
That makes the heart thirst more
For things right in the soul.Hope is the clad rainbow
That spreads self on the sky
It fades to fill rain bowl
It saturates the earthlike spilled milk from nipple.
Hope is the dent accent
That kills all man could rent
But gives much more instead.Hope is the feared fair dream
And the snare scare of gleam
That throb deep in no time
To effect awe time mean.Hope is a fair mistress
And just a thought once thought
Hope is an Oracle
But fails to show fortune.Hope is the clad rainbow
that's naked 'fore rain flow
It's what future could show
But hidden in a mist."words from the innocent mind"
          Philip Peace

Husband And Wife Are Farmers

Husband And Wife Are FarmersHusband:
My sweet heart!
We're going to that fertile land together.
You know, this is farming season,
We will farm and grow different crops.
You will first cut the bushes,
I will not cultivate it  because it's been cultivated
Already. I mean the farm Land.
Then I'll do the planting of seeds,
Weeding will be for two of us,
Till the seedlings grow to bear fruits.
Fruits that will yield in hundred folds,
Fruits that will make passersby drool.
But how many are we to plant and grow?Wife:
Five seeds can do.
Worry not, I will water them
And they will grow and glow.
Let's go now!
But will planting be by day?
Let's go in the night to avert enemies
Sighting us.Penned by;
Imagery: the mental picture is what I want to create in my reader's mind.
All Rights Reserved

Only My Last Request by Jeomen

Only My Last RequestI left you all alone like a loner
When you needed me most.
How could I have done this?
Stark necked I let you go
When you deserve to be clothed.I left you in an abject poverty
While daily I swim in an ocean of wealth.
I let you feed on the  stubborn leftovers
While I feed to fat, forgetting
We ploughed and harvested together.I was so myopic to see things the way they are
So gluttonous that my stomach still cry to b' filled.
Oh! Where gone my brain then?
Where gone my psyche, I ask?
But please only my last request I askThat you my give me second chance.
That I may turn a new leaf, please.
Pay me back not with an eye for an eye
For I have seen reasons to rethink
And come back to you; a loving heart.This I ask for my last request,
That we may come as one again.
And forget our past; past of unappealing
And disgustingly made.
Take these as my last request.Authored by
Udekwe Chikadibia Johnmary
(No omen no Jeomen)

The Return Of The Herdsmen by Jeomen

"The Return Of The Herdsmen   Herdsmen!
It has been long now you left
This coven made not for your kind.
Have you forgotten something invaluable?
Or have you come to leave wounds and scars
As you did before?    Herdsmen!
Have you come again in this same season?
Have you come to graze on our flesh 'nd crops?
Was it not yesteryear you left in us many wounds?
Who now brought you back from exile,
Answer me you herdsmen?     Herdsmen!
Were you not told ne'er to return back again?
Were you not told to steer clear from this abode?
Truly, you've ears but you can't hear,
And surely, we can't harbour you again. Ne'er!
Because you left in us many living wounds.      Herdsmen!
We're now ready for you cursed beings.
We're are now ready for you walking ghosts.
This time shall witness fire for fire
This time shall witness blood for blood,
For fire will be fan into flame, and blood gushing turbulently.      Herdsmen!
Our Clowns this time will be clown with thorns

This Money by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceThis money.
We've worked our life to serve a great country,
We've laid down our fortune to worship her,
We've with one eye fought with her enemies,
We've till the land for the country's treasures.
We've work while baboon chop like a fine pig,
We've planted acres and till it ourselves,
We did it for this beloved country;
We gave all, tell me, are we to suffer?
This money, they rob us of this money:
This money belongs to the labourers
who works round the clock yet their kindred starves,
This money belongs to those millions of
middle-class people who receive their own
salaries late but their tax 's deduct'd first.
This money belongs to the poor people
who starts their life in a shanty and ends
it there like a bird from it nest, and back!
This money belongs to widows, mothers,
sisters, whose men laid down their lives for her!
This money shouldn't be in bank but in
their pockets and country's account. But no!
This money is save wi…

The River That Spreads by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceThe River That Spreads.The river making mire
The river, a satire
Pulling storms that are dire
like rumbl'ng boat of thunder.Fear, is it of dryness?
Or the ripple lameness?
Fear is it of the cup
that 'mpties the sea's blowup?Fear, is it of it eye_
uncovered by dripp'ng sky?
It's the rolling needles
and the knitting brittles."words from the innocent mind"
Philip Peace

The Night Is The Heart Of The Soul by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceThe Night Is The Heart Of The Soul.
The night is lonely 'neath the sky
In cloudy gaze of sundry eye,
The heavens praise in lullaby
Of earth greatness for days gone by.The blue stars wink like eye lashes
The shadowed moon ray on grasses
The bird has gone a-rest neath eaves
And man's a snail beneath Sky's leaveslike green snakes beneath green leaves, the
breeze that awes the wander'ng lips, the
waves that soothes the gentle skin, the
daily wand'r rest at night; with thee.Thee that glows in rad'ance of darkness,
Thee that charms the space with calmness,
Thee whose billows bid men goodness
with stars filed up in abruptness.The night's ray is as a black coal
That shines brightly like blacksmith's coal
The night is ripe for every soul
The night is the heart of the soul."words from the innocent mind"
            Philip Peace

You Are The Feathers To My Staff by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale PeaceYou Are The Feather To Mine Staff.
You're the heartbeat, I am the heart,
You're the loud thud, scaring my art,
You're the whistle blowing my art,
You're the heartbeat, you're in my heart.For thousand years I've lived to see,
And grey hair instill me to see,
The love the hart merry a sea;
And so be it though wast I a sea?Threescore and ten couldn't explain;
The love I have wasn't so plain_
But right in-my heart it thuds me plain;
And I'm the staff and rod of sane.Oh humble lass as though you are–
Like ripple star, as thou you are,
Ten thousand match are matchless star_
With you the moon, the star do bear.They said you to be one unknown_
They said you to be too too known,
They said you gave veggie to snow;
They said love was a season snow.With you I found my other half
Like Rubicon of snows of chaff,
In sleeping groans you beam my half
You are the feather to mine staff."words from the innocent mind"
            Philip Peace