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Flash Fiction; A Restless Rainbow by Akinwale Peace

A Restless Rainbow by Akinwale Peace (Philip Peace)

Flash Fiction

"I was made for you but I'll never be for you."
That is Kingsley, he just saw his girlfriend in the dirty act in which he met her before he grew wild in a positive affection for her. The girl she made love with the day he met her. They were at the carpark, Kingsley mistakenly step on Kenny's shoes, the soft design on her shoe got spoilt and made her dressing odd and disappointing, -the shoe is what people see first in a dress-, she never wanted to go back home, "that is one of her best shoe." Her friend said to Kingsley when bye was trying to sympathize with her and also apologize.
He actually asked where they're going, the naughty Kenny hung on him and took hold of his well knotted tie, she flung herself to him and press her thigh to a 360 degree, with relative closeness to his belt, his resting zip is now getting broader, he was looking at her, maybe she wanted to start a fight, the way girls do, to harass men. Maybe she wanted to shout out loud, to attract by-passers, so that she'll claim he wanted to rubbish her... He tried to open his mouth to speak, he swallowed his spit.
"I said I'm sorry, let me go". He breathed hard.
"I don't want anything, pay me and go, never to see again." Kenny said, resting her waist on her long-headed zip.
Maybe the posture was okay for her. Her friend stood, not uttering a word. Kingsley asked her to follow her to his car so as to take the money, she had no second thought, her friend hesitated in following them. They got into the car, Kingsley opened the driver's seat to take his wallet and pay her the cost for the shoe, surprisingly, Kenny entered through the other side and sat down, "let's go", she said.
"To where?"
"What are you looking for?"
"Same thing you're thinking, same thing on your mind, you'll pay me". She winked.
"What am I thinking..."
"Ishhh, shut up and drive, your zip is not yet at rest." She chuckled.
Kingsley turned the ignition key and drove to nowhere.
"Not that I lust after you, I just felt the tense of intimacy through our clash, I felt something special about you. Can I be more closer to you?
I don't mean using you and paying you, I guess that's what you do for a living but trust me, I care-less, you're the one that needs attention and I'll give you that." He paused, expecting an interruption, he got none, her eye was fixed to the windscreen as if she's not aware he's speaking to her.
"What do you say?" He asked
"Drop me, drop me here!". She said, alarmed.
"Drop me!" She shouted.
The car stopped.
"I'm sorry, let not my eye be off your beauty, let love toss you to my breast, let affection toss you to my chest, let ecstasy toss you to my belt." He looked at her and held her arms.
"I'm only interested in the last phase". She smiled at him.
He seem to know what to do, he drove off.

She hung closely to him, yes, he is single and they're in his house. They went straight to the room and fell on themselves, it's like he's already hungry for it, he was getting uneasy like a hungry tiger, she was hurrying like her ice cream is coming from the sun, perhaps, afraid that it will melt.
He removed his belt and hold the clasp of her bra, he smiled wickedly at her and removed it, they fell down like knitting needles. He smiled and watch her as she held him close to her; chest touching breast, waist touching hip. But it was nothing, they sweat.

"I'm not going to pay you, marry me."
"Marry you?"
"Yes, see. I'll never let you do this again, just promise me. I love you, I'm not moved by lust, this is really affection."
"Let me alone, let me be!"
"Like I will do?" He kissed her again
"What to do?
I'll not let go, Dear. I love you."
"The only thing that will keep me with you is if you'll not remember this day and insult me, -with this- with my past."
"I'll never do, I'm serious." He touched the soil and pointed to the sky, an act of swearing. She smiled.

He spit hard as he recollected the event, "I wish I had let go, dirty girl. I tried to place her on the Royal bed, she seem to prefer the rags of Gold."
He snapped and banged his fist on the table, he was furious and was thoughtless, speechless, he felt his life is already in shackles but can't afford to go back to his shit, he therefore stood in the middle to fate and became a restless rainbow.
By Akinwale Peace Akindayo (Philip Peace)


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