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Read this expository post titled The Setting Of The Today's Religion: Causes Of Religious Misconception and War by Akinwale Peace

Akinwale Peace Akindayo

The Setting Of The Today's Religion:
Causes Of Religious Misconception and War.
The only way/thing that links the belief of a particular group or set of people to their believed supernatural being is Religion; it circles round each theoretical, philosophical, historical, traditional or contemporary belief; Religion is just the mediator, the term -as a living thing- between the physical being and the Supernatural Being.

However, as I've said, Religion is the only link between the physical being and the Supernatural Being and that makes Religion a must for some set of people. It was however criticized in Nigeria, that since the emergence of Region in Nigeria -apparently, the Christian Religion started far before the 19th century, before it was called the Palace Religion, when the missionaries are only seem to dominate and preach gospel in the Old Benin Palace with promises of securities and provision of ammunition to the King and the Chiefs, then, names of Chiefs and Kings were changed after baptism as a picture of a new birth, they came back and established a church in Badagry... In same shoes, Africa Traditional Religion has it root traced far back to few years A.D when Africa was named by Arabs as Sudan, specifically, West Africa was West Sudan, Africa Traditional Religion started from our forefathers when the things eyes could see are believed to be the sign that there is someone supernatural somewhere before each group or kin chooses either of the gods to worship, they, in summary, belief in Spirits. In same trouser, Islam started as far back as 19th century through the hand of Usman Dan Fodio when he won the Northern and created the Fulani Empire with Sokoto as the capital...-(not to go too much in the historical background of Religion).
So, it was criticized that since the emergence of Religion in Nigeria, it wasn't defined in the Nigeria law or constitution and it means it wasn't respected by the Nation, as of result of this allegation, a Nigeria Constitution was drafted in 1979 and it was revisited in the year 1989, that is after 10 years of being drafted, it was finally amended in the year 1999 and it affirmed the fact that Religion in Nigeria is practiced as it is in a Secular State, therefore, a Peacock isn't greater than another, they're all equal; It was stated in the Article 10 of the 1999 Constitution as amended that "No Federal Government or State Government shall adopt any Religion as a State Religion", this means that no subdivision of Government should consent to a particular Religion as the State's Religion, but Muslims believed that Nigeria is a Nation of Multi Religion.
However, it was also stated point blank in the Article 38 of the same 1999 Constitution that
everybody is entitled to the freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom to choose a particular Religion and as well change Religion", this means that Nigeria supports Religion but the Government shall not (shouldn't) be glued to a particular Religion. However, along the line, Islamic believers  misinterpret "Nigeria being a Secular State" to saying "Nigeria Government practices Secularization," which means "the transformation of a society from close identification with religious values and institutions toward non-religious values and Secular Institutions." They therefore tagged the public unbelievers and that was because of the Misinterpretation and Misconception of Nigeria as a Religiously Secular society and that is one of what brought about the causes of the contemporary and modern emergence of Religious War in Nigeria.
Due to the blind war fought for Religion, many things has been ruined and billions of properties has been wasted, in addition, many souls has been spilled and the land has been soiled and erected with blood of innocent victims.

To say, we have "The Sin of Omission and Commission: here, we deduce that both Christians and Muslims are guilty of the sin and most of the recent happenings is as a result of the misconception of Religion in Nigeria.
Muslims believed that the Nation is being sentimental and she practices/encourages Secularization, it therefore makes the Constitution of the Nigeria an Omission of the true way of worshiping in Islam. However, the Christians also have their stand; that the Nigeria Government is biased when it comes to Religion and thus believed that they are Committed to one Religion which brings about the ideology of Commission as a sin of the Christian in the Modern Era Of Nigeria Religion by Religious Scholars.

In couple with the above, Religious Particularity is another cause of Religious War in the Nation today. It was defined by Olukunle that "a process whereby a particular Religion is most acceptable and ordained by God to the total seclusion of others." By this, most of the Religious Scholars  believed that a Religion is more recognized and accepted at the expense of the other in such society; it is also said that there is a particular Religion that preaches the true salvation and it's affirmed that without the Religion, others can't get to heaven which is seemed not to be. For example, in India, they practice different Religions that preaches salvation(to say, 4 India Religion preaches Salvation) and that does not make either of the four a counterfeit to the other, it's however a result of Religious Particularity that we have the Religious War in the contemporary Society.

Thus, Religious Fanaticism steps in. Some individuals grew overzealous as far as their belief is concerned, the unnecessary interest they developed in Religion has gone viral and gotten into their right senses to the extent that they can do anything to protect their Religion. Tell me, are they trying to protect God?
Babs Mala described Religious Fanaticism as "a naughty child of difficult mother." When a naughty child meets with a difficult mother, both of them are thus headed for doom.
To elucidate, when we try to protect Religion (our belief in Supernatural Being) which we cannot see by harming our friends and enemies for the sake of Religion, what then can we do to protect our friends when they're attacked?
See, those that are in the shoes and stem of Religious Fanaticism are described by Igboin as "Bastard Children" which is to interpret that they're looking for their father and as a result, they cause problem where their is serenity, they raise a cause for alarm where there is peace because they are Religiously Fanatical. They, in short, cause problem because of their misinterpreted Religious Ideology.

We also have the problem of the Government Interference. Some cases of Religious War is as a result of the Political Anarchist and Trigger-Happy politicians who are believed to have been relegated by the current ruling hand of the State. Such however gather Miscreants and touts to engage in killing so as to bring the Government to order in a deal to make a change and have a say in the current wing of power, such instances in a moment of time wears the face of Religion and they once again make Religion a scape goat and a scale through through their abnormalities and selfish interest in the  ruling wing. Often, this often cause an uproar because it has been generally  believed that Africans (Nigerians) are really Religious.

In addition, people without a job are also mobilized by so called politician to fight for them and in the cause, it puts up a religious face because of the reading of Quranic verses or heady boundy dressing of such people which indirectly depict the kind of right or war they are clamouring for.
For instance, to briefly say, the instances of Jos Crisis and Boko Haram Crisis is as a result of Political and Governmental problem but it later wears a Religious face, if the source can be traced to it's source, it is really what it is.

However, before the emergence of Religion in our setting, how were people judged in their days?
They're simply judged with the kind of life and disposition at their time, they don't choose one act as superior to the other and that has made a bit of normal sense of belonging to their setting at that time but now, people incessantly practice Religious Fanaticism in the name of protecting Religion; the colonial life in Africa is because we love ourselves; that if someone dies, we all rally round and perform the last ceremony but when it comes to Religion it becomes another issue and that has cause problem in the nation.
In Quran 10:99, it's said that if God wish human beings to worship same God and speak same language, have same belief or have things in common, he would have done it in His infinite mercy but He didn't, why then should there be a dominating Religion in the State?
Why then should there be something called Religious War/Crisis?

No Religion is special and preaches salvation the best, every Religion does, it depends on how they pull the crowd with their words and charisma and how they challenge and convince people to their beliefs.

Thanks for reading.

Akinwale Peace Akindayo, Philip Peace
Always "words from the innocent mind"


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