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Read this Flash fiction titled Tale Of Two Hearts By Akinwale Peace

Tale Of Two Hearts by Akinwale Peace Akindayo

She told her, "I don't want to get involved with him again, not again! He has been breaking my heart, you want me to be miserable for the best time in my life; my youthful time?"
That is Sandra, the fair girl with a curly hair. When she faces back; her hair scatters like a splash of ice on the road and it makes her the eye of the town, and the most beautiful girl in her vicinity but she keeps falling in love with the wrong heart.
"But this is another guy in your shoes too, he needs affection the way you'd ever needed it but he has been failed too!"
Sal  blared at her. She had been advising and candidly telling her what seems good all these while but Sandra seem a mountain that is unmovable.


"I promise you, I'll never break her heart, ask my friends, girls breaks my heart, I don't do. I've been single for a while now; I need someone to build my trust in, I need someone to keep my trust and make me feel loved for my life, I need her brother, make this happen. She's the girl that I want and I won't break her heart." Dave said banging his fist on the wall.
"Listen brother, to fall in love is more simple to falling in a relationship and to keep the relationship is more hysterically... less of panics, but, it's really overwhelmingly attacking.
You can simply tell her now but at her slight mistake, you'll hate her like shit! I tell you."
That is Don speaking, Dave's friend. They've been friend from birth so they called themselves– brothers.
Dave has been seeing Sandra for a while now, he wants her to become his.
Sal is Sandra's friend, Sal is a close associate with Don being her boy lover or intensively regarded as a sexmate.
Well, they set the basis of their relationship, seems that's what is sweet and comfortable for them.
Sal believes that if you can start off with your man with sex and he finds you adorable and comported, why will he disappoint you?

She confronted Sandra and asked her why she keep giving her body to Don, Sal said "our basis was and is relationship; not love, trust and not deceit. Love cannot do all but trust in relationship supersedes love."
"Listen Sal, I'm talking from experience, I've been jilted not a once, nor a twice, not even thrice girl!
These guys want to use us, they don't want us!"
"You think so Sandra?
The best way to reach a man is by getting his trust and satisfying him. One day, he'll put the ring on that finger and..."
"What if he doesn't?"
Sandra cut in. Sal was silent and she looked at her eye,
"He'll come back, and beg me."
Sal said confidently and softly to her ear and walked away.
"Sandra, I'm not telling you to get into a sex relationship with Dave, just think twice and try to reconsider. Love is love when you can still see him. When he's gone, it's a waste of gold that dangle on the sky."
She said as she walked away.


"See Don, I know about yours with Sal but I really want to love her and make her love me, I need her trust while he trusts me."
Don chuckled, "you think it's always like that?
You want to make her love you?
See, the best way to get your girl is being there when she expects you the least."
Dave's ear stood up like an aeroplane, he took his car key and was heading towards the door.
"Where are you going, Dave?"
"To be a man is not a day's job; it starts somewhere. To love a girl is not a foul game, it starts now; I win or lose."
"Best of luck then, Buddy!"
Don yelled at him as he drove off.
Sal drove in not too long and sat on the couch with Don.
"You've missed me, haven't you?
Let's define our value."

She snapped, feigning to ignore him.
"C'mon My Heart Sal, you think I look at other girls?
Really, I might but you are not just conquerable!"
Sal smiled as she saw the excitement in his eye too, she saw the truth and she was glad.


"Sandra, I want to love you and not throw you to the bin. Trust me and not throw me away either."

He said from afar and his voice echoed in her ear.

"I don't have your heart with me". Sandra said softly,
"You said what?"
She never knew Dave was almost behind her, she changed it;
"Dave, I don't want to love again. Help me".
Dave chuckled,
"The best gift I can give to you is understanding you and I will; I cross my heart, I won't cross your path."
"You really think it will work that way?"
Sandra said to him, looking straight in his eye, his arm was already around her while her curly hair is smiling glamorously in the gentle night with dazzling stars. It was a cool night, she actually felt safe though it was already late in the night; outside, within the compound. She really felt good, she hid her emotions while she stayed glued to him, she doesn't want to give him the impression to cheat her, she love her pride and she's afraid to lose her ego to the framed gentleman; perhaps.
"Who knows he might not be gentle as he seem."
Sandra muttered but she looked sideways and attention wasn't totally paid to Dave. It's as good as saying, he did not hear her said it.

"I love you Sandra and I won't let go of you."
He assured her by pressing her head to his chest and tickling her hair to its scalp.

"I love you Dave." She mutter silently, in her heart.

By Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Philip Peace

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