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Death Is A Treasure.Death is a treasure
that hides man from fame
For, we know not known
nor what flame t'would fame.Death is a candle
that stays in the rain,
For, we know not known
nor when flame would shame.Death is a black ice
that burns with the heat,
For, we know not known
nor would its heat melt.Death is a roughshod
yet envied to some,
For, we know not known
that, prayed few to him.Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Philip Peace


I AM MUSIC.I am not resigned to the shutting of
windows nor to the absence of rainbow.
I am not declined nor alined to shove
'nto the time of chime nor mime of oboe.I am the soft spring string that ring and sing
to the ears of the wall to hear endear.
I am the joy born 'n forlorn of mourning
like the rumbling scatters of humming cheer.I am not the disrupt of erupting
boil in the warmth of ice chilling stream steams.
I am not the unsweet yet slow snail hymn
of sulky verses and stream screams of themes.I am the stunning tempo of ugly
chime and prime of sublime rhyme in music.
I am the soften best art of smugly
morning like I'm nature. I am music.Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Philip Peace
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Short Story: Meeting David by Izon Esta

Meeting DavidDavid is the first friend I made; My mum said when she was pregnant, David will Come blabbing and touching  me in her stomach and I would respond with a kick. Once while she was fetching water, she fell and the basin broke. She kept touching and talking to me hoping I would kick before the doctor arrived. But she got no response, when David came I started kicking immediately. My mum said she cried for joy.
When my mum gave birth to me, she named me Omolola. I was told David first word was Lola, my name. Whenever mummy wants to go out, I'll be in David's house. My mum wasn't surprised either when I called David's name before any word. I spent the day in his house while mum was at work. About 8 years later, we were in the same school. When we returned, we would run to Ijaiye to buy amala that was for lunch. Iya lamala would always smile with her mouth ajar with long thin tribal marks spreading our its thickness and say 'oko ati Iyawo, ba wo ni? We would …

Language in Poetry by Adelere Adesina

LANGUAGE IN POETRYPoetry and its audience are joined by a thread made of different, interdependent forms of cotton, one of which is language. The poet communicates his mind ー factual, judgemental, ‘opinionistic’ or personal thoughts ー to the world through the use of selective (consciously or subconsciously) words. This time language sets in is when diction takes a turn in the process of communication. Pre-diction are awareness of a thing to write about and the peak (imbalance) of emotion ー either positively or negatively. Post-diction are metrical arrangements, structure ー which is another thing that can, and is used efficiently by some poets to, pass across a message ー and the manipulation of the perspective of the audience by the linear organisation of events, as it is done with prose and drama, to sense what the poet wants ー relief, satisfaction, shock, to put in few words, tragedy, comedy or tragicomedy. Now, language is a part of this whole process, and not all of it. It has its …

Criticised Poetry by Adelere Adesina

CRITC: ADELERE ADESINAThe sky is beautiful,
so bright and dark,
Laced with the magic of stars,
Oh, beautiful is the sky!Cloudy art thou
when it raineth;
bright art thou
with the sun;
o, sky,
beautiful is you with me.APPRECIATIONOVERVIEWBeautiful Sky is a romance poem. It is written in free verse, that is, without any regular rhyme and rhythm. It is a poem of ten lines, which are spread over two verses unequally. The first verse has four lines, whereas the second has six lines. The setting of the poem is the sky.SUBJECT MATTERBeautiful Sky, which exists in two irregular verses of ten lines, talks about the beauty of the sky. It describes the qualities of the sky during different seasons. Lastly, it relates the sky to the poet, which shows that the poet has admiration for the sky.Verse OneThe first verse describes the subject of the poem, and, well, points out the setting of the poem. It uses imagery that is associated with sight to give its detail…

The Poetry and The Emotion by Adelere Adesina

THE POETRY AND THE EMOTION The article 'the' is intentionally used, with the word 'poetry' in this topic, to mean each poet's way to poetry. The truth, literature has a lot to do with feelings; mood is something that is considered in appreciating a piece of work. Hence, poetry, being part of literature, has reflection of emotion in it—in fact, a lot of emotion. However, it appears that poets tie their muse to their feelings at a time, and this dictates the mood as well as tone from the start of the poem to the end—affecting in addition the verity of the message of the poet at that time. It is important to stress the place of emotion to the poet and their poetry.PREMOTIONED POETRYWhat I mean by premotioned poetry is what we've all done with poetry—writing to purge or ease a particular feeling. This is the case where a poet writes out of anger, joy, etc. which has grounded itself in the poet's heart before writing. Is it not the normal thing: writing about fa…

The Poet and The Muse by Adelere Adesina

THE POET AND THE MUSEHe is known to write
as he's done his rite:
he will letter not
than the altar's sought.
In my experience, the poet is—like every other artist—first, a newly born baby; then, an infant growing and learning about the environment; then, a child with milk in its teeth; then, a teenager whose heart is far cleverer than his elders, whose heart yearns for their understanding, but never seems to want to understand; then, an adult, left alone to take care of themselves. In my experience, the baby is subject to several manipulations of the understanding of its environment; hence, it cannot learn beyond the limits of the environment—but the adult can just learn and learn till he sees there is more to the lore of his ancestors than is said to or known by him. In my experience, the tender poet writes with extreme care, with strict strictures laid by men of good heart, who honestly want them to grow. However, it happens that when this poet turns a teenager, he screams, _…

Punctuation in Poetry by Adelere Adesina

PUNCTUATION IN POETRYOne of the most defining parts of any writing is punctuation. In English particularly, punctuation is a very fundamental aspect of representing speech in written form. Poetry is, however, different from other forms of writing where punctuation must be carefully used, and is very mature than others in its application of punctuation. However, it seems young poets, critics and editors ー I use, without repentance, the word 'young', for they act very new and funny ー have issues with the right application of punctuation in poetry. Emily Dickinson would have had disappointment in some of her published works when, by the supposed 'editing' and 'modification' of editors, they were removed from their pure, pristine and concentrated state to have such implications she never would have given them if she was alive in the time of their vast discovery. It happens that poesy handles punctuation maturely, as I have said earlier, and radically ー which these …

Poetry and Rhythm by Adelere Adesina

POETRY AND RHYTHMLiterature, in my very words, is the expression of the seen and the unseen in words and inwords. By 'words', I mean the diction of literary works: the lexicon, idioms, phrasal verbs, figures of speech, rhetoric devices, etc. Then, the other part of this expression is inwords: structure, mood, tone, rhythm, appeal to senses (imagery), rhyme, etc. This expression can be made in various forms: drama, prose and poetry. The three have their uniqueness. One part of Poetry's uniqueness is rhythm. Here, we want to see the might of rhythm in poetry.What is Poetry?Perhaps you have asked yourself this question, but have not found a very good answer. Poetry is the expression of the writer's truest, purest mind so plainly that the truth is hidden, although openly shown, in arranged lines. There are two things about poetry: arrangement and plainness. There are two things about the poet: truthfulness and purity. These all must be found expressed in a piece before it …

Imagery and Poetry by Adelere Adesina

IMAGERY AND POETRYOne of the things that make poetry beautiful and deep is imagery. Well, imagery, I believe we agree, is the imprint of pictures in the mind of a reader or listener by the use of words. Therefore, imagery in poetry is the use of words to create pictures in the mind of its audience. It is one thing to know imagery, and another to know how it works. I do say, 'Imagery is in every word.' What do I mean by this?Imagery: Making and Modification of PicturesWhereas the very widely identified function of imagery is the making of pictures, the other function of it is the shaping of the pictures that are created. In other words, qualifying the creation is a part of creation. In fact, the object of creation is not complete until it is made distinct and specific. Imagery has the other important part of attributing to specific features to pictures created in the mind.As I have said earlier, the commonly defined importance of imagery is the use of words to create pictures w…

Criticised Poetry by Adelere Adesina

Poet: Adesoye Samson
Crit: Adelere AdesinaEVENING     Evening it is:
     sun is set;
     moon is risen;
     stars showing their colours;
5:  cloudy, the sky seems.      Where is thy glory,
      o, sun?!
      How dost thou this,
      o, moon?
10: Sending in the sun's beam,
     evening thou bringest.
STRUCTUREEvening, a poem of eleven lines, has two irregular stanzas. The poem is a free verse (that is, it has no regular rhyming and rhythm). The poem is written with enough apparent consciousness on the part of the writer, enough to use proper punctuation. The first verse describes the arrival of the evening, which is, in fact, the subject of the poem. The second verse addresses the forces that are responsible for the arrival of the evening. Regarding the rhyming, the poem rhymes irregularly; that is, there is not a fixed pattern of end rhymes in the poem. The rhyme scheme is abcaa deaefg. The first stanza is more regular than the second verse. This is perhaps to re…

Criticised Poetry by Adelere Adesina

Poet: Tanimola
Crit: Adelere AdesinaPAID No man would treasure cast to pigs
Nor would God with sinners be pleased
For for them His ONLY son did give
To pay the price and be hung on a tree!5: The crown of thorns for Him was knit
A spear in the side his ribs did split
Be washed in this blood of all thy sin
Today you've got, tomorrow no more may be! When names shall be called off the sheets
10: And His holy face thou shalt greet
If by then thy name be writ
Upon the throne with Him thou shalt sit!
STRUCTUREPaid is a free verse (a poem with no regular rhyme nor rhythm) which extends to twelve lines of three verses of four lines each. Each of the verse is related in such a way that one introduces the other which follows it directly, telling a particular tale from of Jesus' sacrifice to the end of the world according to the belief of Christians. It is therefore a continuum. Regarding the rhyme, the end-rhyme is not perfect (regular). For example, in the first verse, t…

Archaism (In Poetry) by Adelere Adesina

ARCHAISM (IN POETRY): One organism in society, breathing as government and growing as virus, able to crystallise and to revivify, is language. It is, perhaps, one of the greatest distinctions, which make the human race different, distinct and disparate from animals. It is however, a creation that can live and die, although it can be as immortal as gods; and, gods die if their followers fail to worship them properly. It therefore can grow old and give birth to offspring. A result of ageing is archaism.Archaism is a word that is old, or will soon become outdated and is, as a result of ageing, no longer in use. In every language still spoken by man, there are certain words that are old and sound very ancient, or even totally strange, to the native speakers of the language. There are other words that are not absolutely 'obsolete', but are quickly falling out of use. Words like these are all archaic words. An example in English is 'ye' which is the second-person, plural pro…

'...I write not to purge emotions, but to create it." — Adelere Adesina

"....I write not to purge emotions, but to create it."

Greetings Readers,
Today, I bring to you a poet, Author of 11 Chapbooks. His name is Adelere Adesina.

Here is the interview with our Guest today.

Can we meet you, Sir?

Guest: I am Adelere Adesina, a writer from Nigeria.

What has driven your passion into writing?

Guest: I believe that I write because I desire to speak to people, even when I am not there.

Can you tell us the number of Poetry books in your name?

Guest: Eleven, Sir.

Wow, that’s great. When did you start writing, Sir?

Guest: In 2012, Sir.

You’ve once said you don’t want to sell your books, what’s the reason behind that, Sir?

Guest: I made a decision not to sell my poetry books because all reasons in my thought stand against it, sir. First, by trying to earn money, a poet tends to drift away from his creativity and originality of expression to common impression (I seriously do not buy the idea that one can be creative while one maintains the truth of one’s expression wh…

And Once I Saw An Evening Cloud

And Once I Saw An Evening Cloud.

And once I saw an evening cloud
With rays of grey at pale sunlight
I found the beauteous in its pearl;
A pale ray ' golden summer sun.

With ease of breezes from meadows;
The rest of wand'ring jumble cloud
And thin dark spot in its white beaut;
From inky sky as nursery inks.

The sky is draining to moonlight
as rains saving inside baskets.
The night is drawing near shadows
of evening fading coloured cloud.

And once I saw an evening cloud
A host of golden weary sun
My eye watches its fades to blue
as beauteous arokin in hue.

Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Philip Peace

Short Story: A Clip From Pope Frances

A Clip From Pope Frances.
Not a man nor a woman will unravel a mystery that is set to be a mystery just as the mystery behind the Supreme Being; I don't think I can fathom. Another's is such a brave one, cowardly is to react bravely even when limitations are sweeter than honey. Nevertheless, methink a thoughts that's rethinked and bethinked would be best as it's writ-thinked. Pardon my seldom use of language.
I never knew him but I once heard of him blindly, but chosen was he in a few crowd as I have methink, he announced a joint together cage for all his members, I saw to him and introduced myself while he with joy found me quite interesting.
By way, I am Phil PiS, the one that piss on a hiss in such a miss that's amiss, but I'm a play one, though well reserved and an extrovert to my introverted mind.
He found me interestingly boring but I presumed an assumption that nature's light isn't always glaring. Pope Frances is a methink of seriousness and absol…

Ghettos In The City

Ghettos In The City.Silent breezes of rushing winds of flames,
They were not named; they need spoil those with names.
The hood stormed into the dirty estate —
For long are they kept in the burnt palace.
Foul fighting as one that beateth the air
The trees are dancing, the waves are beating.
Tidal raves in the hole of a Black's hill —
Oh, what do to butter-flying and perching?
Foul air of broken Writes, hence, Gutter Kings
sail their wheels to merchants- over the bar.
The howling shiver and silver river
of holy sinners and guilty babies;
For, fighting as one that beateth the air
is as Goliath wrestl'ng shadow of self
and as rotten summer basketed fruits.Softest blood flows in their silken thin veins,
They were fair; not liked, so they need share pains.Ghettos In The City.Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Philip PeaceImage: Shutter Stock

The Future Doesn't Exist

The Future Doesn't Exist.I want you to know something today, that 'the future doesn't exist.'
We wake up each day and hope to lead and live a better life, we think it is just when we hope and aspire that we will make it.
Even when you hope and aspire and fight pleasure and bury the midnight candle while it fade while looking at you, even when you paint your imaginations and ideas so beautifully and you could be anything and everything that you would want to be, even when you fight discouragement when they come to you; you fight so hard that you don't want to back off/out, you want to advice yourself positively and make sure you're the best to be the best which you want to be, even when you soberly want to cry out your pains and frustration, - like perhaps my eye are swollen now;- even when you don't seem too optimistic and you feel 'well, good, everything that comes isn't mine because I won't resign to fate' and you feel nothing is nothing, …

If Nought On Earth Is Done

If Nought On Earth Is Done.If nought on earth is done
like snake's skin placed on hills,
What pride of life is done —
When much your scenes none writes?
And scars will heal your wounds.If burning heat is hot
and cold Gaari is fresh —
If poured in sweat-ill cold;
You steer to suite your taste,
And scars will heal your wounds.If howling night kills day
of chirps and gliding hopes;
Between colourful skies,
A-grey would lips just say,
And scars will heal your wounds.If owl howl in buzzed howls
and the walls hears your fears,
Put the world in your shoe —
For seasons come and go;
And scars will heal your wounds.If nought on earth is done;
You paddled your sails less.
But if you cross the shore;
Those scars will light your stars—
Your scars will bright your stars.Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Philip Peace