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"Natural aestheticism is the best definition of beauty." — Akinwale Peace

Maybe Beautiful People Are Ugly.

"Natural aestheticism is the Best definition of beauty."

I saw a picture of a lady, I love appreciating people and it really go a long way from me to people; it gives them boldness and courage to keep it 'on' and it gives me this kind of assurance that I've helped someone in trusting himself/herself. 

I saw her image, she's a contestant... I celebrated her with words and I think an average dullard would be really happy -that- someone had clear sight of her beauty and opt to vote for her in an appreciative way but unfortunately, she said 'fnx' to the weight of adjectives I used to qualify her quality, and that was all she said; that shows the degree of being blind to the essence of appreciation.

Not too long, a boss of mine typed and I quote "I'm disappointed a writer is carried adrift by the superficial beauty.

True beauty is internal. 

Have you forgotten what David Hume, a Philosopher said... "beauty of things that exist in the mind contemplates it. We don't define beauty with just the normal look though her smiles is tantalizing."

"Life at times is such a serious truthful fallacy; it depict it rightly; so beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but it's not unwell that beautiful people are not sighted, it's not the worst."

It was a hit, it's like a punch but notwithstanding, I told him "I appreciate what I see but I don't fall for what I see." He further said he once asked his Lecturer in a Psychology class thus, "why is it that Acclaimed Beautiful Ladies are not really beautiful?" 

The Lecturer smiled and gave a fine answer. He said the Beautiful Ladies do not understand what beauty means. They don't define beauty but wear beauty forcefully."

At times, we need to knock the nail to know how well it is and the advantage of having a nail above us, I hope you can relate with the concept.

However, I've come to understand that the beauty I see today is not the beauty that makes a poor man get rich in a positive way as it was in our modern past. The beauties today battle each day with Artificial Ugly Particles that even kills beauty. 

These "Artificial Ugly Particles" spoil the face, some often look like a lost Ghost, or sort of a confused web.

I have come to know that beauty is in the eye, but, beauty that makes a man fall is sitting in the eyelid; in the eye too. 

The only difference is how well you use your eye to know the real beauty.

Sincerely, I've come to believe that the ugly people are intentionally ugly, they care less about their outer appearance and that is sort a mess in a Guest House. They don't notice their beauty and make it worth while, on the other hand, they stay low and disorganize themselves in a way that irritates humanity though they're very beautiful.

I realized over the years and from my perspectives to life that "Beauty isn't from the beholder but from the pleasing look or appearance of the holder."

This thing we see and appreciate is being appreciated because it's worth a while but when it comes to being original, trust me, what you see is far better than what you've been seeing before. 

See, Beauty is not when you can apply your Make Ups the best way, it is when you can take care of your natural self/skin and how well you can manage yourself and your beauty, how much you can rate yourself. Everyone is beautiful, some are just ugly because they're not used to taking their bath and proper skin — cleaning and keeping.

You don't need to use these things, beauty is in you. You breathe beauty, you just need to take care of it and make it something more beautiful than your Artificial Ugly Particles called Beauty make up or sort.

"Beauty is when you can take care of yourself. Even the ugly ones are more beautiful than the beautiful ones. The ugly ones are yet to be born and can never be born."

I once said Ugly Beings are too much not until I saw neat Natural Beings. 

I was wowed and knew/realized that the Ugly Ones made use of 'at least,' Powder and that 'at times' defies their Beauty rather than defining it. I've come to understand and know that when we talk of beauty, it is not what the lips can tell but what the heart – not even the brain or head – but it's the heart that can consent and attest to it. 

Trust me, those highly ranked and rated 'hot babes' are the ugliest being I've ever seen. Put them in a hot atmosphere, their Beauty will decrease and loose value due to sweat instead of getting multiplied with natural aesthetics; it gets defied and their eye looks like of a painted demon. 

When you see a natural beauty, no matter the amount of pressure from the heat, their beauty is intact and ever glamorously adorable. 

That's why I love Classic Ladies to Classy Ladies. 

Classic Ladies take care of themselves Naturally and Classy Ladies take care of themselves with Ghost Wears and dead beings' properties such as perfume and more.

I guess you know what they use. Name them!

What baffles me the most is that the said Ugly Ladies use Ugly Particles to make themselves look beautiful not knowing that they just need to take care of their Skin to make it look fresh and adorable, after using these Ugly Particles, they are now as Ugly as a Beautiful Corpse.

I'm not lashing or castigating those that make use of Make Ups and co but when it's excessive, it's the uttermost rubbish in its highest order.

You're most beautiful in your natural aestheticism, you're the most beautiful being that c/would ever live. Ugly beings are not yet born and will never be born.

Christy Turlington said "when you are balanced and when you listen and attend to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit, your natural beauty comes out."

Beauty is just an illusion that the heart could attest to and thus, it becomes the best ever and the eye is shut to the other.

Beauty is inside, appreciated one is outside but when you abuse your beauty, you're not better nor best to a decorated American Dog.

"Truth be told, beauty is not from Make Ups, it is what make you up from your natural aesthetics which brings out the beauty in the natural transforming lines of/on your face."

See, beauty is you when you're just you in you, that's simply you, like how you were born.

I am Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Philip Peace
Image: Google


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