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I became independent when I realized I am myself's biggest supporter. No one will associate with you until you have something running. — Salako O'Pelumi Francis

I became independent when I realized I am myself's biggest supporter. No one will associate with you until you have something running. — Salako O'Pelumi Francis

Good day, Readers.

As I've promised, we'll have a world with Guest around his own world today, and that's why I tagged the interview 'FROM THE OTHER SIDE'. I know you'll learn from our Guest today, let's follow him.

Our Guest today is an intellectual creativity, a writer, a poet, a photographer and the Author of Speaking Shadows.

The Interview.

Can we meet the Author of Speaking Shadows?

Guest: I am Oluwapelumi Francis Salako. human, writer and street fotografa. I write from Ogbomoso, Western Nigeria.

What drove your interest and how do you arrive at the title to your book?

Guest: the need for change in the conventional artistics triggered me to arrive at the concept -fusing my photographs and writings into one whole body. The title was arrived at after some many whittling and remodifications. 

What are the things that inspire you, Sir?

Guest: Everything around me inspires and influences me. to live and impact and make changes is one major inspiration. and then I have people inspiring me with their writings and actions. there is razaq, Agarau, Romeo amongst others whose poems push me to write more. I have udonna Udoye whose actions and creativity wouldn't let me relent. Ope Adetayo whose writings and and intellectual ruggedness wouldn't let me clog. And there is Funsho Richard who is a major inspiration, mentor and father figure. 

What is your uttermost interest, that gives you pleasure with this your breath?

Guest: My uttermost interest is to see the world become a better place. to see humanity overleap tyranny. to offer people wings. I get pleasure from writing and freezing memories into pictures. seeing mother happy and putting a smile on a stranger's face. to say to a crying little child "you're beautiful, don't cry"

In your book, Speaking Shadows, in a chapter titled Standing Tall, you said you’re champion, a god. Quite interesting  is it, tell us, how do you realize the self intellectuality in yourself?

Guest: I realized this after long years of my abilities seeming invisible. after I had said to myself many times I'm not sure of having gifts and talents not until I found out and realized you can't judge a fish by it's inability to climb a tree. Not until I discovered you can't guage everyone's proficiency using the same yardstick. Then I found out I am a champion with crisp abstractions . I am marked for the top. 

“…But this act wouldn't get to me, I learned to develop a thick skin against issues like these, big or small or large”. Can you tell us what it takes to be a self independent individual amidst odds?

Guest: I became independent when I realized I am myself's biggest supporter. No one will associate with you until you have something running. Until one day they read or hear you've landed something for yourself. no one will hold the night for you to pass. you have to break nights yourself.


“...Many times, nature, animals and many uncountable things surrounding us are parables and proverbs”. Tell us, some say spending time with natural things is folly, what do you think about that?

Guest: Every man is entitled to his belief and thoughts. It is so we are principally responsible for our actions. Nature and animals are there to help unravel many mysteries surrounding us. they are there to hold our hands and walk through our most difficult moments of life. I am a testimony. Whoever thinks nature betise Is naif.

…”These artistic way, give me expression, … and chase my dreams. To live and love life, to love and be loved.” Are the art works you breathe in such a great deal to you?

Guest: They mould me. I am growing into the man I'm  becoming for these reasons. Food and the other necessities keeps us alive, but art keeps us living. At a point in my life, I got weighed down by issues surrounding me. But art offered an arm and patted in the back as though "all will be well soon, lace your shoes and run and live and be happy "

“Broken dreams are the epitaphs Which watch flowers grow On the tombs Of school children And Youths” you have beautifully share us how broken dreams seem, can you tell us how words can help people to realize their dreams?

Guest: To have a broken dream is to fail and go into extinct. It is my most dreaded. words are very powerful. words kill and word awakens. Words destroys and words restores. Then end of the pencil to which we use determines it's function. Read and listen to words of positivity. You will soon have tales to tell. 

You titled a chapter “Influence” Your mother said this, “everything a man does in secret is evil”, you listened to her because she’s your mother or you listened because she said the true sincere words?

Guest: I listen to every meaningful word people has to offer me. If she weren't my mother, I would have listened and put the advice to use if I find it useful. But it will be imperative to note that I hearkened more to those words because is my mother. Mothers are goddesses.

“….we don't get to choose our religion ourselves, they are obviously accident of birth. So, we hate fellow humans because of a religion they didn't get to choose.” Your view about Religion is really enviable, tell us, what else do you see or think about Religion?

Guest: I believe religion should not be a yardstick in guaging anyone. I believe religion should be secondary and humanism primary. When someone does bad, he should be addressed bad. his religion should not be thought a contributor to his deeds. We all are a believer of our faith due to birth circumstances. Only a few of us are lucky to choose by themselves.

Wow! We ran through your Street Fotographs and they are all awesome, can you tell us what has driven your interest into street photography?

Guest: Street photography offered me wings. When it seemed I was heading for the abyss, it offered me views and perspectives. The love of art brought me into it. 

You seem to like photography, do you wish to do something spectacular with it?
Something like?

Guest: I have dreams. I want to do so many things with photography. I want to infuse many things into the game. Pardon me, I might be unable to share them with you at the moment for personal reasons. Maybe some other times. 

Everyone dreams, but what do you think about those that seem not to identify their dream and their area of high interest?

Guest: Pay attention to your surroundings, your actions and way of doing things. Whatever thing you are most happy doing is your highest area of interest. Follow your heart. 

If you see mentally affected being and you’re on a chance to take the snapshot that will capture hearts with the affected being that will only die in minutes. You know he’s going to die in a minute and you want to take a snapshot that will change your status to a photography Lord, you have the dose for the victim too, what will you do; will you take the snapshot in the possible seconds or give such the dose in the possible seconds?

Guest: Humanity first! That's outrageous, I am not desperate. A man's life is worth much more than fame and material gains. Anyone who will do that is wicked. Such act in synonymous to murder. 

How do you think you can change the world without words and photography?

Guest: I have a penchant for politics. I want to play active politics in the shortest possible time. I can change the world through that also. by effecting changes from the status quo. 

What is the best motivation you can give to any soul?

Guest: Be happy and never stop loving. never stop moving for any reason. Keep going. You might stumble. The night might seem so long before it'd break but never give up. There is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Here are some Street Fotografi of our Guest, Salako O'Pelumi Francis.

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