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Short Story: Meeting David by Izon Esta

Meeting David

David is the first friend I made; My mum said when she was pregnant, David will Come blabbing and touching  me in her stomach and I would respond with a kick. Once while she was fetching water, she fell and the basin broke. She kept touching and talking to me hoping I would kick before the doctor arrived. But she got no response, when David came I started kicking immediately. My mum said she cried for joy.
When my mum gave birth to me, she named me Omolola. I was told David first word was Lola, my name. Whenever mummy wants to go out, I'll be in David's house. My mum wasn't surprised either when I called David's name before any word. I spent the day in his house while mum was at work. About 8 years later, we were in the same school. When we returned, we would run to Ijaiye to buy amala that was for lunch. Iya lamala would always smile with her mouth ajar with long thin tribal marks spreading our its thickness and say 'oko ati Iyawo, ba wo ni? We would smile in return and greet her before requesting for what we wanted.  I used to ask for efo and inu eran but David preferred Gbegiri ati ewedu with kpomo.
When I was 10 years old, we moved from Lagos to our home town in Delta state. After about another 7 years, we were both in the university. While I studied Accounting, he studied Engineering. I had David's number and we called ourselves once in a while. When his Grandfather died, they had to come to his mother's home town for the burial. The burial material finished before mummy could buy...
While I was at school, she chose cloth for me but when I got home on Thursday I had to pick another cloth. I spent two hours changing dresses to know the one that fits me the best. When I finally picked one out of my clothes, I showed mum and she thought it was too serious but I was determined to wear it while seeing my husband that I haven't seen for years. I kept tossing and turning on bed waiting for morning. When mum thought she was coming to wake me up so I could prepare, she saw me wearing make up and she was delighted. She got dressed, when we got to her sisters house to pick my aunt, she was surprised too at what I wore. They kept laughing about my seriousness as mum drove us there. When we arrived, Bro Daniel (David's Elder brother) lifted me and started telling me how small I was the last time he saw me. I kept stretching my neck looking for David. My Father-in-law came and he hugged me a little too tight I thought I would stop breathing. He told me David has an exam and wouldn't be able to make it. The scholarship exam was postponed for another two week. I went to the car sulking, I was up set. I took too much time preparing, I thought.
David's mum came to apologize on his behalf. 'Kpele Oko mi', she said and gave me something wrapped. When she left, I opened it. A locket was there with a photograph of Both of us as kids. I smiled and cleaned the drop of tear dropping from my eye, and on the picture.

Izon Esta Annie

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