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The Poetry and The Emotion by Adelere Adesina


The article 'the' is intentionally used, with the word 'poetry' in this topic, to mean each poet's way to poetry. The truth, literature has a lot to do with feelings; mood is something that is considered in appreciating a piece of work. Hence, poetry, being part of literature, has reflection of emotion in it—in fact, a lot of emotion. However, it appears that poets tie their muse to their feelings at a time, and this dictates the mood as well as tone from the start of the poem to the end—affecting in addition the verity of the message of the poet at that time. It is important to stress the place of emotion to the poet and their poetry.


What I mean by premotioned poetry is what we've all done with poetry—writing to purge or ease a particular feeling. This is the case where a poet writes out of anger, joy, etc. which has grounded itself in the poet's heart before writing. Is it not the normal thing: writing about failed leaders, for instance, when one is angry? It is, you'll agree. Just put this type of writing in your mind. We'll come back to this later.


By the word 'enmotioned', I mean the type of poetry where the poet writes without any prior feeling towards the message, but with feelings coming from the poetry itself. This case is rare. Imagine writing about a lover without any feeling of love before writing. Imagine writing not to purge emotion, but to create it.


Premotioned poetry is good. It is what most poets, if not all, start with. The poet starts to write in order to put a particular feeling to rest. They write about love to relax, and about politics to calm their tension, and so on. However, there is more to just writing to purge feelings. Two things tend to happen: the message tends to be blurred, bias and half-truth—whereas poetry should always speak the truth—and the feelings tend to wane as the line ends, and cease by the time the reader, the audience, finishes reading. Poetry should not be a sponge that is used to wash our feelings. Poetry is creation: it should create the emotions in the heart, not take it away.

Enmotioned poetry, on the other hand, is the type of writing where the poet makes sure there is no predefined feeling or mood towards the writing. The poet says the message in poetry, which he has already considered critically, and the poetry, by the message, creates the feelings for the poet—and whoever reads. In this type of writing, the poet does not out of anger blame the failure of a process on a party without first considering all other parties involved; hence, the poem judges every consideration and issue right, balanced feeling towards them.

Premotioned poetry is our way into poetry. However, like a teacher, it serves till we are no longer children. When we grow in poetry, we should write from enmotioned poetry. In premotioned poetry, we tie our muse to the occurrence of a particular feeling—if the feeling never comes, we blame our inability to write on our mind not generating the feeling to write. Nevertheless, in such cases, we are just already grown enough to make our message in words that can spark the exact and right feeling in two words or two lines into the verse. In enmotioned poetry, you just have to write on something, say Nature, and Nature gets its right, unbiased feelings and disposition to you, and whoever gets the message.


It is good to admit, when one starts to fail to write because the emotions are not coming again, that one is grown enough to write without predefined emotions and feelings. All one needs then is critical thinking, and the care to express pure truth about a subject. Since preconceptions blur the truth, they blur poetry. However, at this stage, one's mind desires but poetry that is not blurred, and is capable of handling pristine truth. One should allow poetry to create its feelings, while one creates one's poetry. As I mentioned earlier, the important thing is to be able to think critically, and beyond how the common man will reason; and, the poet knows which part is played by which party—even if it is not obvious to every other man.

Also, the poet should be ready to admit that the truth is far from what has been thought to be the truth before critical thinking: it happens at times that the poet finds that what he believes is right is not actually so. This is the stage when one allows the truth to show itself and ignore all internal and external influence of one's personal beliefs and society's precepts and beliefs.

The poet should bear in mind that truth has its feelings. Let truth be the message. Put the message in poetry. Poetry will find truth's true feelings and give it to you. Always bear in mind that truth has its emotions. You create poetry, who finds truth's feelings for you. Thank you.


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