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Knowing different aspects in the life's circle and the presence of its existence plunges a thousand rose beneath the feet of man.

A boy said "writers are devils, writers are gods". I looked him in the eye and exclaimed.
With his statement, it is true. A word  taking out of each poems is sort of healing to mankind.
No one passes through fire and stay alive --impossible-- but a poet will pass through fire and still be Alive,because he/She has faced more than fire literally.
Come to think of the struggles of man. The way we walk into the body (of home) and get broken into pieces of nothing. Humans' views are just like a  jealous finger swiftly moving just because of others activeness. Man must understand his existence, if not, he'll continue digging the ground  of emptiness.

This brought about  THE LIFE OF MAN (a poetry chapbook)which Sir. Akinwale Peace Akindayo (Philip Peace) has pointed out.
More understanding must be certain as a poet and reader that takes Life with a finger. Let's journey into the world of this chapbook as I dig out some vital knock out. 

The poet opened his arms in describing what the WORLD means by giving it a renounced title THE WORLD IS FRAGILE(page 12 of 49).

This poet couldn't hide any truth as he was  is to. He painted the world in different colors to show how "yet to know" life is.

"The World is just a fragile clay,
Made strong with the bits of words ray". 

How true is each above lines is?
True,and pure!
I have looked and combed for many things to describe the world; but Philip Peace gave me no run further with his poem, which explains it all. The World is truly a fragile clay where it's prone to earthquake because:

"The World needs just a soft breathe to unfurl"( Excerpt from The World is fragile).

In enlighting more, the poet is trying to shape the word in his mouth to tell us since the world is 'fragile' then it needs more 'unfurl' to move on than before, because the world itself, doesn't rely on anyone, we are the ones relying on it--That brings a close mark-- of possible definition of World--which Philip Peace had brilliantly done.

In another way of studying MAN's existence. Philip inked more to the depth again by finding us the cause of our tears 

"The life of man is a bubble of fear,
Of darkness from light from the crust of years"(Page 15 of 49)

How do we define our body when the hole in our mouth is filled with scars?
A deep hand inside the water of life will make things easier, for the purpose of this poem. "Man is a bubble of fear" How? Everyone in life have fear of something. The fear not to die or to be mocked, not to say the truth which is very bitter to mankind. Each man has fear to something.That's the opposite of our existence. From our fear we become silence of rowdy street. We become Palm for the sun and of darkness too. But if we welcome no retreat and we know the reason of living,we won't "beat with pains again".

In answering to some questions about LIFE OF MAN Philip Peace has said something indifferent.

"The life of man is a slap in his face,
He knows nothing Maybe  life is grace".

Is life of man truly a slap on his face? Yes! Because man knows nothing of what he should become and what he supposed to be, still a knowledge seeker. But he accept the pains even he though  doesn't want to.

With a simple taste of life bitter sweetness,Philip Peace has brilliantly made a profound and not to forget the root of who we are, he proudly told us with his words in his hand, to show to everyone that;

"The life of man is soft and sweetness,
The good,the bad,the smooth splash nostalgia...".

You can see what makes the life of man better with all things said to him from the past.still,His life is a reality of sweet dreams. Everyone will die but not everyone will be rich. LIFE has splitted us into different corners of our rooms to know the difference in dying and living. This is possible,  philosophical words in LIFE OF MAN.

In all, I wouldn't want to say something that's not in the eyes of MAN. We all know how we'd love our lives in different soaks of flowing wellspring,so why should we say LIFE is VANITY when the world himself doesn't know the end. We say things in different views from our knowledge,we play with delicate words that could cost half of our life,but we shouldn't back or behind every successful words in this chapbook that at the end of MAN; LIFE IS THE BEST LESSON WITH WORST TREATMENT(Excerpt  from page 44 of 499)

Thank you.

--Adeniran Joseph is the CEO of POETRY INVOICE.Poet and writer.He writes from otherside of life which he's also working on his first chapbook(poetry) FIRE DOESN'T EXIST.Coming soon!!!


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