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How To Improve Your Writing Skills

How To Improve Your Writing Skills.

how to become a better writer.

     Often time, writers find it hard to create emotion in the heart of their readers because they found it hard to bring out the mystery and mastery in themselves. It is not gain saying that writing is truly not a simple thing, yet, it pose an easy resolution and encodes a simple task to those that take it as one. I.e, if you take writing as a simple task, so be it. And if you take it as a deal with much ado, you'll find it difficult than it is.

Writing isn't 'just' about putting words together, it is about putting (mysterious) emotions and perhaps, 'unrelating' emotions to create interpretations for the present and everyday living.
The course/cause for writing doesn't reside in how the writer writes, it solely depends on the writer and what he wants to share with the reader. Constructively, how writers write is also considered but the message is the most preeminent and its essence is the most prominently and conspicuously envied.
It is not 'unrightly'  resolved to that the(a) writer's mind is the mind of the world, the mind of many and the reasoning of those he has never met. A writer's mind covers mysteries and evidently, its neighborliness with the thoughts, actions and deeds as well as moral and immoral judgement of man is judged as influenced by his environment 'yet', his preoccupation may differ from what he experiences in his daily life's transit. That is why it is not 'unrightly' resolved to that the(a) writer's mind is the mind of the world, the mind of many and the reasoning of those he has never met.

Also, breaking boundaries reside on the breaker. We don't break with mere ideas, we do with the implementation of ideas, thoughts and feasible reaction to effect the judgement. Writing is a simple yet demanding course, it all depend on the host and how he takes his writing. Writing is as good and interesting as producing the best thing man loves.
Writing is in your actions, your thoughts, your judgment, your idea, the least of your expressions and the beauty of what you are and what you do.
Writing is everywhere, writing is everything, writing is anything that adds beauty to art, it is anything that arts beauty. not just beauty, beauty beyond man's comprehension but in his unraveling and simple splitting/decoding of expression and understanding.

The points below aren't steps, but

     Don't give time to writing:
Time never comes when we set it, it comes when we are busy with something else.
The more you contemplate and cerebrate and ruminate... on what you want to write, you tend to subvert and weaken your chances of writing ephemerally.
I've found out that writers are eased when they postpone the writing urge and procrastination is the best friend of readiness. If the ideas are not written down but pondered upon, you tend to be swept off your feet as a writer and end up writing something less eminent and precious than you'd wanted to.

     Also, I've once said that there is no new idea, we only rebrand ideas, and one of the way we can rebrand and repackage idea is when we read others.
Read great writers, read writers building themselves, ideas come from different writes, even in the least of its sense. You can always be inspired to write with a word, it all depends on how to build yourself and how you master your art.
Writing isn't a cause to go head over heels seeking for ideas, it is in what you read, how you relate with them and how you understand them.
Idea is in what you think, how you interpret them and how you can bring a globally/communally accepted content/concept out of it.

     Write your words, the best way you understand them.
Ideas are cognitive contents, sentiments and mental reaction to quantity or degree of persuasive circulation. It is this intention and thought that comes once and if perhaps you lost it, you might find it hard to welcome the brilliant idea again. Write down your ideas, everything, no matter how silly they might be, write it(them) down.

To be practical, I was in a gathering of people with experience, they said some words which caught my attention, they said "to be dead is better than having no eyes because these days, a crippled man is better than a blind man." I wrote it down as my first muse and, as I wanted to write, I heard them talking about Policemen, they said "most of these policemen are untrue and they live unrighteously. They can arrest a murderer and release him the next day. In fact, it is said that there is freedom in the police station".
With those few hints, I wrote the poem I titled "honesty is an orphan."

Ideas are not just what we think they are, they are how we resonate with them and how we cherish there essence, worth and (usages) in our writes.

Keeping your thoughts organized is the true essence and the manifestation of your preoccupation. It is in this light that writers type or write on (a) blank page(s). Since you have the idea, just write as they come. I've said it, the more you contemplate and cerebrate and ruminate... on what you want to write, you tend to subvert and weaken your chances of writing ephemerally. When you write without been bothered of what you're writing, then you'll have a wonderful piece of art. It all depend on your mind, the way you organize your mind, and the way you understand yourself.
They said a resting mind is a working mind, it is right. Even, a free mind is a burdened mind because of the thirst and zeal throbbing from his free mind will seem burdensome (and thus, he'll write out his mind) and, writing with the heart in the mouth is what makes a mystery mastery, not mastery a mystery.
Yes, mastery can be a mystery but mystery is often praised when graced with mastery and conciseness of words, expressions and presentations.
To be practical, I didn't brood when I wanted to write I AM A CHILD. I didn't entertain worry but I took up the burden to write as a child who knows more than he knows and gladly, the work is one of my most accepted work.
Mystery and Mastery, Mastery and Mystery, they work together.

There are more to the little words you write, it only take your mind, a real mind and an understanding soul. Yes, they are cheaply absorbed but the relationship between the words with the happenings in the globe is immortally cherished and its meanings are echoes of unending verses, it all depend on the writer, his mind and his message.

      Be strong, be disciplined (be stubborn) and be willing to write:
It might perhaps seem unruly as the sun prying your privacy at the wake of dawn but it is indeed a daring exercise.
Treat writing as a project that should be executed masterly and as soon as possible, treat it/write it as if it's the best you could/would have ever written.
The way I'm writing this, I'm writing it as if it will bless zillions.

It is this mind that helps you, write with a free mind yet burdened at/with the subject before you.
Use powerful sentence and expressions, know that if you fail to write, you're disappointing yourself and the whole world, have it in your mind that anxiety and timidity is too much to keep you silent and know that you have a strong resolution; that fear is the least of all things to can take you back.
No, don't look back until you finish writing your first draft, don't! If you do, you'll have to ponder unnecessarily on what you want to write next. Write openly, freely and indeed up your ability to concentrate and build your prowess to indispensably inspire.

      At some point, you have to put your mind and think or read yourself as a reader.
What they will expect and what they probably wish you've written... A story leads to the other, start strongly and end strongly. Try to think of others as you're thinking of yourself.
The best ability of a writer is how he equips himself and how he lowly brings himself to the power of his mind and his submission to his mind.
You don't need to be dictated to; about what to write but you need to keep at it as it is what to write.
Chinua Achebe said "Just think of the work you’ve set yourself to do, and do it as well as you can."

When you think you have a block, listen to your favourite music, take a walk, eat snacks and work on your intellectuality. Trust me, the greatest power is in your hands, depends on how you handle it, how you use it and how you want to make it to work for you.
Don't forget to read writers.

     Read what you've written aloud:
It is what you want others to hear that you'll hear yourself. When you read aloud, you'll hear what you've written and you'll understand it line by line, sentence by sentence or scene by scene.
Spend time in using a good beginning and a brilliant ending. Start with brilliance and end with mastery. These are what you can build by yourself. And don't forget the fact that you're your self's motivator. Don't wait for someone to say you've not done it well, put your best at what you write and some day, it will come in term with mastery and brilliance.

Don't forget, you're your self's motivator, you're your self's motivation.

"words from the innocent mind"
Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Philip Peace


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