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     My mother is an African mother, so I am an African child. My father is an African father, so I am an African child. We're Africans, because birth wasn't really nice. What if it isn't nice, I think this birth itself is a genius.
I enjoy living here: knowing the mentality of co men - co black men. And I enjoy living here, knowing these norms, these norms, these norms...

     You know there are some norms that aren't meant to be preserved, listing is needless. But we know.

We know that we don't need to fight, so we kept our blade sharp and neat.

We know that we can marry each other, so we kept our seeds from themselves, in the name of Faith, in the name of Marks - tribal marks. We did all these, the family is great, isn't it?
We know that we can make ourselves, so we choose an external hand, maybe an underground system so as to run ours, and you know what? It successfully became a failure. So, they now seem a terrorist to us, Osama would have been better; Osama hid his head for some time, but these terrorists - these time, they're controlling us, they're making us happy with shame, disgrace, poverty and low class living, this African family is great, isn't it?

We know that we can make ourselves, we know that these vast land covered with different colours of tongues, I mean different tribal marks and different skins, the weather here. The weather there. It's hotness here. It's coldness there, it's so cool that we forgot we are brothers. Sorry, I mean we forgot we're Africans, we're Blacks.
I heard someone visited a hospital, and died there, because medical care wasn't urgently delivered, so it was late.
And when a white man comes, we respect his hair than his body. I don't preach ills, but I think we're one - ills. If my hand is broken, your eye shouldn't wink before you could mend it, I mean the medical attention.

     I think the essence of being together is the fact that we need to, and there is just a thing that keeps us going, it's the fact of rebirthing. I mean the parturition of our primitive coexistence.
Singlehandedly, we can make things happen, isn't it this Africa that we pull stunts and make things happen? Forget about your status, these small villages with vast lands won't help it, we only need to be a broom.
I think success isn't in what is achieved, success is in what we are, how we treat ourselves and what we do to ourselves. If we can maintain peace in this note, what is the better success that we need?

I don't think we need to be sentimental when judging or giving adjudication, we can singlehandedly be the cause for an achievement, I mean an achievement, something never done. Bend those rules and make your colour proud.
We can all be free if we free ourselves from the prison of our mind; we're not forgetting our past, our past was once aimed at as the future, but when the future becomes the past, there are other futures. But we can keep lingering in the past, we can, then we're successfully walking in the shadows and woes of the life we ought to live (that we've never lived).

     I don't believe in love, because it hasn't exist in what is preached around me. Love is in me, I can spread it, but to protect everyone is to rescue nobody, because that hatred against me, against one another is another hell in someone.

See, we can all spread this love, no no no, I don't believe the fact that love is an imagination, love might be an illusion, but love isn't in colour but in the blood, and if we do away with colours, I think they said blood is thicker than water, and trust me, it is a new wine that is always new.
I mean, the love in our blood, that makes us live peacefully is a new wine in every home, a new wine that is always new.

In fact, nothing is old, it looks old because we look at it as such.
And, I'll like to cherish what I don't have, because my mind is there like I have it already, and if it is this love that I have, I'll live it for myself because I'm living it for others. I cannot live for myself if I do not live for others.

     So, I'm proud of being Black. To this unknown future, I hope we'll not kill one another before knowing you.
And, maybe we should try it. The Government of the people is against the people, let's see how far we'll go by killing each other, I mean, we want to live right? And we can live by dying, so let's do this.
Let's hate ourselves and kill for God, so that souls will be okay at hell. We're helping God and in fact, we won't have a course to be angry again.
You know revenge is a great poison and regret, I'm sure it's self's judgment, so what? Let's do this and marry our seeds off, they'll be saved being slaves.

     I don't see any new thing, the only new thing I see resides in the pain we've got for ourselves, it resides in the deprivation of what was meant for us and in the ignoramuses of our literacy.

You were taught to kill in school, so am I, so let's do this and see how far we'll go. I think life is for the living, but if you really want to live, why do you need to suffocate another man because of the gratification and contentment you need? There is no complacency is death, the only complacency about life is living it purposefully (and) for others.

     C'mon, Negro, let's live together and let's see how sweet life is. C'mon, Negro, life is sweet if we lick it as one. I mean, living together is great, if we want to, simple!

We can continue to write stories, stories that touch; stories that do this, stories that do that, but the only story that would ever be meaningful is our story, the story that we truly lived peacefully, the story that we love ourselves and the story that we enjoyed living for ourselves while living for ourselves respectively.
Anything aside this story is an unveil fa├žade.

"words from the innocent mind"
Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Philip Peace


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