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LET THE YOUTHS YEARN | John Kelechi Uzoma


Weep and wail, you young youths;
 roll in the spirit, you shepherds of GOD,
At this time national conflict shallows;
 some will fall to rise and some to six feets.

The priests shall flee to nowhere,
  the killers no route to escape anywhere,
The tumult roars mightily against the land,
And judgement shall veil on all mankind.

Oh land! hear the cry of writers,
  wailing a-loud from hills and caged chambers,
Oh earth! hear the weep of the shepherds,
  for the LORD may rage with exceeding fire on all defaulters.

The peaceful lambs will be buried waste 
  because of the fierce anger of the Almighty,
Like a lion king he comes against oppressors
  and the green land will become desolate.


JOHN KELECHI UZOMA fondly called Kelly Juuz is the founder of Nigerian Elites World(since 2012) on Facebook, for all literary activities and promotions. He has written a lot of poems, stories(published and unpublished), motivational and inspirational articles,  published on several websites and blogs around the world. He houses more  academical awards, talent titles, such as; secondary school teacher, a radio broadcaster, et cetera. He is a salient prolific author in the literary world and beyond. He is a comic actor. hails from AMANGWU village in Nkwerre Local Government area of IMO state, Nigeria.
An undergraduate bsc student of Mass Communication At National Open University Of Nigeria, Lagos.
You can reach him through

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I was sitting on my thought, when I heard
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And, you know — feeble gust of passing breaths;
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