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HUSH | Sobogun Maryam Opeyemi


Men could be monsters and mourn-stars...
The air of looming gloomy doom —
A dark nightmare crawling into the day-
Fiendish subterfuge serves mainstay,
Harmful plots harming harmless prey —
He is doom, yeah, He is doom.

His next target is the little one,
Small and brainy; bullied by everyone.
At her desk by the front corner —
She hides from the next hit
yet he stares and wonders where to hit.

While the playground came alive,
He whisked her away for a dive-
At the filth- filled shed,
Where she was prodded-
With a big rod shooting from his Khaki
like a pole holding the sky.

As friendly wine trickles in a race —
down her legs like a flowing stream.
His heroic crack came in deafening pace,
Monster kisses of tears rubbed her face,
Hush- hush, yea, she hushed.
A promise of death would it be,
if words surface, hush, yea, she hushed.


Sobogun Mariam Opeyemi is a 400level PHYSIOLOGY Student of the University of Ilorin, Kwara State. She is a native of Ogun State but she's based in Lagos. She hope to develop her writing skills and aspire to get better everyday. She can be reached via

She has some of her works on her social media handle, his full name is his Facebook ID.

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I was sitting on my thought, when I heard
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And, you know — feeble gust of passing breaths;
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