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Street Photographs | ©Benneth Nwankwo | — see the beautiful images this handsome street photographer has for the society

Photographer: Benneth Nwankwo
                             Benneth Nwankwo

In a bid to promote creativity, art, beauty and talent, I have fortunately met Benneth Nwankwo many months ago. I know him to be a writer, little do I know that he's also a sane photographer.
A street photographer has few images to share with us today.

I know photography to be a very sensible discipline, it is not for people without sight and heart to promote their art and the society through images and bright sights. It's not illusions.


by Chimezie April.

     The wonder of life comes with living such life; irrespective of what happens, one certain thing to note or remember is that "To live is a choice". So, can one say life is the generalized program of choices made? In my defence, life as a whole is filled with options therefore choices are made, it also comes with its own view to many people. So, I can now boldly say life isn't what you choose, rather it chooses you become because of your choices.
What life comes with could be identified or described as that fully wrapped gift you get from someone, yet, you are instructed not to open till when ordered. Therefore telling you that you can't even steal a peek at the content of the carefully wrapped gift. In other words, I describe life as a "Loyal Soldier" that helps you execute your choices no matter what they are, it gives you the outcome without sympathy. People believe that as life comes with challenges, so does it com…


for Ogunbiyi Anuoluwapo Aarinola.

Do not show your fears,
stand on them like long hills
and forget them to wallowing sands
on a body of sinking valley.
do not smile when you're sad,
you'll look like an ember trying to glow
in a library of water. let your state define you,
it tells you you're living.
you can break into a river of song
you can break into a funeral of fire
you can break into the sourness of widows songs
you can break into the funerals of fire...
don't ever wear a face that is not yours,
you'll look like a rainbow
lost on the body of a placid sea.
so be yourself, you're raw;
not an end meet of shit nor a body
of reservoir gathering shame & guilt.
you're a rainbow flecked between the grey clouds
of your name. you're your star —
emblazoned on your burden; your body —
in the belly of the earth that makes
your whole.
do not listen to crackling howls of foes —
you're the voice of the running truculent thunder:
you're your creator and your destructi…

Book Published: SORROWS OF LOVE | Author: Ude Ibiam Ufiem (Amboetry)

Book Published: SORROWS OF LOVE
Author: Ude Ibiam Ufiem (Amboetry)


Ude's book, SORROWS OF LOVE is filled with passion and a hearty quest of an average lover/an average man. And in furtherance of knowledge, we tend to do with some mystery, yet in our solitude, we tend to enjoy life as it is even with an exception of love which is fortunately or unfortunately one of the desires of an average man. Man quests for this and perhaps, he dreams, he loves and he thirsts for its realization.
SORROWS OF LOVE is a wonderful and a careful exploration of love in its condensed introductory ironies which circle or impact the heart of man.
Here, Ude has used his simplicity yet, apt language and sincere words to paint what love is and what love does or how it treats us often time.
He has carefully constructed and compiled - with depth of ironies, yet without fallacies at its depth- simple thoughts wh…

BOOK: SANE SANDS OF DUSTY DAWN | | in honour of Late Pa Adeniran Adefemi.

BOOK: SANE SANDS OF DUSTY DAWNin honour of Late Pa Adeniran Adefemi.
Today, songs by Banners welcomed me, and just then, I was brought to the knowledge of this post which I'd forgotten.
It is sad, it is disheartening yet overtime, it has come to my psychological reasoning that Joseph, best known as Prince Joe is recovering from this saddening occurrence and I feel he has been encouraged. He needs cheerful people around him, not people that will bring such memories...
     However, it is pertinent to note that when you have people around you, know that you don't have dirty clothes. And if you don't have people, know that you are not alone, you only need to move closer to those you think hate you. Trust me, they can follow you into the storm, stand and fall with you, you can count on them...friends can, only if you move closer to them.
     Life and death are two parallel lines, you either die or live. We do not want to die but we deserve death, because since we are born, what d…

"The young beautiful university lady had gone against the law. She had plucked the Okasi leaves on a Sunday because she was about to go back to school." Episode three of the story | Ikpe Comfort (Beatitude)

                 When another Sunday arrived, I had thought about how fast the days were going. It was on our way from church, that we heard some yelling and screaming. The young beautiful university  lady had gone against the law. She had plucked the Okasi leaves on a Sunday because she was about to go back to school.
No sooner nor long, the masquerade drum beats was heard and the whole community was in a pandemonium. People ran helter shelter for coverage. The lady was taken to the shrine. Our king was immediately informed and he got ready to go and witness how the decapitation will be.

                 Before the beheading, some people went to the king, laid down with their faces covered with dust, begging the king to forgive the lady, but he was adamant as usual.
When he got to the market square, where the offender will be seen by all, he sat happily, touching every of his Elders with his horsetail.
People were beginning to cry, some were still pl…

"I tried to mumbled "university", but I pronounced it as " univexity". Episode two of the story by Ikpe Comfort (Beatitude)

       All of a sudden, Mama looked at me and asked " what are you doing there"? I shook my head negatively and walked straight to her and said with a smile "I stoned the tree with sand, it did nothing to me".
Mama's mouth was wide opened and Uchenna's mother drew my ear and smacked my head. I never knew it wasn't sand that the tree will give in return, but sickness.

      Everyone in the community made sure their children did not take the route that leads to the Okasi tree; but I was so sure that Mama was the one who really watched my movement most especially after the first incident that happened at Mazi Afamefuna's compound.

        In the cold hour of one evening, I noticed everyone seems to be jubilating. I knew someone was back; maybe from abroad, but I never knew who she was. Mama was not at home at that time, neither was Papa. They've both gone to farm. The only thing I heard the villagers saying w…

" You see this tree, if you throw sand at it, it will return it to you". Read full story by Ikpe Comfort (Beatitude)

Episode ONE of the STORY.

     Our king made a decree that anyone that plucks the Okasi leaf on a Sunday should be beheaded. Elders and youths pleaded and asked for such law to be removed, but the king looked away with an adamant heart and said that the decree has been sealed.

       Everyone advised and warned their children from going near the tree; my mother drew my left ear up and I could feel my feet leaving the earth.
"Don't go near that tree at all" Mama emphasised "at all" and added "in fact, don't pass near the tree". She looked at me with a kind of eye I couldn't explain what it was telling, and started mumbling words I didn't hear.

*               *                     *                       *                        *                  *

       It was on a Sunday, Mama and I were going to the church when we abruptly stopped. 
" You see this tree, if you throw sand at it, it will return it to you". After saying those words, s…

IBADAN MEMOIR. the adventure of a limited traveller.

IBADAN MEMOIR.the adventure of a limited traveller.
     An assemblage of noise welcomed me as I laid my sandals on the road of Ibadan, these noise can wake a swooning man. I lost motion as I stepped out of the car. I laid my hand on a car, the heat from the car's bonnet burned my hand that I had to remove it instantly.
The crowd that welcomed me to Ibadan were not friendly. I saw a man sitting by the road side with two bundle of banana; some are rotten, some are fresh, he held it tightly and looked at me weakly as I looked at his side. I understood his language, I faced where I was going and walked up to my friend.
"We are all poor." I said to myself. Just as I and my friend crossed the road, I heard him yelled "Agbowo". I didn't know when we hurriedly entered a taxi on the busy road of Ibadan.
     When we got to a junction, we called our host. I was thinking we will board another taxi or motorcycle but we trekked. I asked, "what does Agbowo means?"