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Book Published: WHITE WHISPERS AUTHOR: Oshikha Precious

Book Published: WHITE WHISPERS

AUTHOR: Oshikha Precious

Hi, I think this year is starting on a great note for you. This year comes with books from me to you. This is another book, an awesome one that you won't love to be told its tale. Read the details, it's for you to enjoy, Beloved.


A collection of twenty Short Stories, White Whispers is a narrative collage bordered on love, loss, displacement, and the everydayness of identity. The stories, dramatic and prosaic at the same time, attempts to steer the reader to spaces of thought filled with twists and longing.


They say, walls have ears. Ever since then, a mortal has been on the quest to tame the mystery behind the paintings on a bloody wall that seeks refuge in bistre. On this quest, she got to know that walls don't have guttural voices like masquerades. They whisper like the owls at night. But how pure could these whisperings be or perhaps it is darker than coal ? Or perhaps when you hear 'White Whispers', images of walking dead comes to your mind. You can't be sure !
Wherever Osikha is, he would be proud of his daughter who have done that which even the strongest of men are afraid of doing. This is not Jenifa's diary, it is a collection of realistic, mystical and fatalistic events around the cosmos plotted into twenty short stories that would definitely have you gripped to the end. You read some books and they fade away in a while, you read some books and they leave you in the world of incompleteness. WHITE WHISPERS is a book you read and it leaves you mystified, wondering if it was a deity that wrote it or human. It will leave imprints on your heart like the arrow of the cherubic boy on a broken hearted lass.
You wouldn't want to miss a book that might win NLNG tomorrow, it is a must have in your library. 

Precious Pen has done extremely well and astoundingly awesome with this book's capability of causing a positive change in the world afar. What an Adichie can do, an Osikha can do much better and superfluously. It is not even a matter of 'can', she is already doing it, she has even done it. The best thing you can do to show your support is by getting a copy of the book.


                               the adorable Oshikha Precious


Popularly known as “Precious Pen”, Precious Osikha lives in Benin. Precious Pen is a lawyer, writer, blogger, script writer, entertainer, song writer/composer and a freelancer who has ghostwritten books for a few busy authors. Her works which cut across all genres of literature have appeared in local and international literary websites and journals, and she’s written scripts for a few Nollywood movies.

To get a copy mailed to you,  the e-book cost 1,000 naira.  Contact 08160525580 to make purchase.

Write a mail to about your interest. It should be subjected WHITE WHISPERS.


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