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"I tried to mumbled "university", but I pronounced it as " univexity". Episode two of the story by Ikpe Comfort (Beatitude)


       All of a sudden, Mama looked at me and asked " what are you doing there"? I shook my head negatively and walked straight to her and said with a smile "I stoned the tree with sand, it did nothing to me".
Mama's mouth was wide opened and Uchenna's mother drew my ear and smacked my head. I never knew it wasn't sand that the tree will give in return, but sickness.

      Everyone in the community made sure their children did not take the route that leads to the Okasi tree; but I was so sure that Mama was the one who really watched my movement most especially after the first incident that happened at Mazi Afamefuna's compound.

        In the cold hour of one evening, I noticed everyone seems to be jubilating. I knew someone was back; maybe from abroad, but I never knew who she was. Mama was not at home at that time, neither was Papa. They've both gone to farm. The only thing I heard the villagers saying was " she is back from the university". Everyone was excited. I tried to mumbled "university", but I pronounced it as " univexity".

      When Mama came back from the farm, I told her about the stranger. Mama looked at me and said " so, you were well after your father and I left for the farm". 
I said "no" and looked confused, but gave Mama an innocent look.
"How did you see the stranger"? Mama added.
" Through the window" I lied.
Mama hissed and went away, but I laughed quietly and raised my left fisted hand up in the air. I didn't know when she came bad and gave me a knock on the head.

       When another Sunday arrived, I had thought about how fast the days were going. It was on our way back from church that we heard....



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Men are Toys (are men really toys? Read)

Men are Toys.
I was sitting on my thought, when I heard
thin voices say "we should be equal with 'em."
When God first made man, He made him the head
and made one from him; his best supporter.
And Adam was man, did like a man does
and Eve was woman, she conceived as one.And the useless blood flows through all; -we dusts-
like to sullen streams. We're from one Black soil —
God moulded man from a Black soil — Yea, Nay?
Daughters of Eve wants to be the head now.
I was sitting on my thought, when I heard
thin voices say "we should be equal with 'em."
When God first made man, He made him the head
and made one from him; his best supporter.
They have risen now like Christ's on third day
to be head of their homes and make men toys.
Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Philip Peace

save our souls

heavens opened and showers of blessing
became a sprawl of chewing bitter-leaf.
the whirlpool of storms swept the solid ground
and liquid air like a thief in the night.the rich and poor became a freezing heat —
a burning ice in their soaking heat of
doom as valuables dance in a sweep'ng flood.
houses are now drenched with what erect'd them.have they not lived on floodplains when the earth
denied its inhabitants thirsts — is it
blood that the soil wants or oceans of rain?
We have known pain already, save our soul.oh markudi/cross river.
Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Philip Peace

SURVIVALS | John Chizoba Vincent

We are all from an Osucaste,
those prepared for the gods of the land but rejected by the sun. 
The sand we march on are our brothers and sisters, who were discriminated too. 
They died a shameful death leaving their shadows behind,  
Leaving their spirits wailing at every dustbins that modernity brought. 
Leaving an awful images behind doors;
Leaving their emotions on the bodies of the sky to hunt and hurt us. 
The noise named us into death and we smell silence through noise of death, 
Discrimination tamed us and we tamed the firmament  of the smoke that chase us. 
You can see the ghost of my fathers in that smoke going up there, 
You can retrieve the bleeding tears of my mother from the wind, 
You can see the broken words of my sisters on the palms of the stars;
You can still see my brothers' virgin fears hang on the cloud,
They died through this course, Osu!
We will gather this cowries of Osucaste in Igboland. 
Part ways for the fierce spirit of ogbanje for the punishment of this cult…