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by Chimezie April.

     The wonder of life comes with living such life; irrespective of what happens, one certain thing to note or remember is that "To live is a choice". So, can one say life is the generalized program of choices made? In my defence, life as a whole is filled with options therefore choices are made, it also comes with its own view to many people. So, I can now boldly say life isn't what you choose, rather it chooses you become because of your choices.
What life comes with could be identified or described as that fully wrapped gift you get from someone, yet, you are instructed not to open till when ordered. Therefore telling you that you can't even steal a peek at the content of the carefully wrapped gift.
In other words, I describe life as a "Loyal Soldier" that helps you execute your choices no matter what they are, it gives you the outcome without sympathy. People believe that as life comes with challenges, so does it come with its "Luck". The truth is that, if you don't give room for luck to take place in your life then, you could say you were fated with such an ill / "dumb-luck".
     Life is the wonder and result of choices; in the sense that, you choose to become a success or a failure no matter how slim your options maybe, at most times the problem might not be with the choices but the options; for example - A game with carefully hidden clues, at some time, you miss out on that part of success because you were unable to know or see where your clues or options were hidden. You talk about "One-way knowledge", and I say "Diversify your knowledge", with the latter you are given the avenue to source out and explore opportunities therefore, discovering the possibility of the impossible and seeing the yet unseen. Without you, there is no life, I said earlier that life could be described as a "Loyal Soldier" knowing that, without rules there can never be a follower. So, the fact that you are probably feeling so stuck up in the void you call life is not because you have no choice but because you prefer being or feeling the way you do.
     Mind you, the fact life is laced with so many options for you to choose doesn't make it easier, as a matter of fact it gets harder every day, but if you could recall, I said ,"life has its own view to many people", so at that point, you need to often bear it in mind that people had once been in such situations and they came out victoriously — not by doing what they thought to be "okay" by their standards rather, it is by doing what is said to be the best by anyone's standards using their principles as guidelines.
Do you think it's over for you at this stage of your life and as a result you feel the need for it to come to an end literally?
Or, do you feel you are alone with nobody ready to understand you?
Well, to unveil a secret, what you are going through is just a phase, you don't have to look at it as a permanent thing. For, when you pick out of those choices you were meant to make and the options that were meant to guide you in order to extinguish such feelings becomes difficult to find, you seem to be left with the words, "l had no choice" but you will always have a choice, there is a choice;-
     To feel self-pity, the choice to wallow in that self-guilt over the choices you made earlier: the choice to self-destruct on that exam you flunked or of the time you thought you were being non-challant and irresponsible, the choice to remain that same sad self you've always been or the choice to go back to that pit you were dug out from. Breaking news! as a matter of fact it's a "Choice". But of the negative choices you have made, there is a constant one which is the choice to SHAKE-it-OFF and move on by doing the best you can to do. because, no matter the self-hate for being non-challant or irresponsible which you have in yourself, the truth that you are still irresponsible with the bitter choices you are about making is still factual. And when you look closely, there is still someone out there that deserves or needs you no matter your past.
     Although, the past is non-negotiable, but the present needs amendment so that your future will be certainly safe. Know thus, the storm has long been over and if it were to return, it would be preferable if it were unable to blow away your houses or investments because this time, they are firmly rooted, but after all, it's your choice. Life is a constant struggle, but your choices put your mind at peace with such struggle, and such struggle makes life worth living. You aren't meant to let life choose your battles or struggles for you because it would be giving you a whole lot you didn't bargain for, leaving you always at the cross-roads of permutations.
     Life as a whole is regarded as a companion because of the numberless individuals and characters embedded in it; who at some point in our lives are regarded as friends or haters in life. But you can't stop living for that because you will always have friends and enemies at every junction. The only solution is to make sure your relationship with such individual counts. Be certain that it will be one to remember and be happy for, because at that breaking point when you remember the smile you put on those people's face and the smile they put on yours, you would suddenly realize the world actually need a beautiful person LIKE YOU, and nothing feels good than being needed and wanted for good. But of course, I mean the relationship you make with people you call your friends.
Make your life count, your existence may pose being a good companion or a bad one.


Chimezie April, she is presently an undergraduate of the prestigious institution named Yaba College Of Education.

She hails from the eastern part of Nigeria precisely Imo state.
She particularly loves to write basically motivational articles because she believes that through such inspiration, she is able to give awareness to people and they're also able to acknowledge their respective aspirations.
She writes to inspire, and she believes that writing gives her a voice loud enough to be heard and close enough to be reached in order to touch the lives of people.

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