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JANA | Boss Chris

Music is art, it is an expression of things perhaps not rather said or things not needed but things that need to be expressed. It is an art of expression that gives you the opportunity to "like" a "jargon" or a "sense making record" — be it as it may be to you —.

Here is a trap jam from a Unilorin finest rapper and freestyler.  A young talent artist named BOSSCHRIS trying to prove himself worthy of been listening to has released a track.

CHRISTIAN OLUWASEGUN popularly known as BOSSCHRIS is one of the rap artists in the University of Ilorin. He is good at both freestyle and scripted raps.
This his is first track titled #JUNA#....
He called it the first banger🔥🔥🔥

Show some love for BOSSCHRIS!

How to download. i. Follow the link
ii. press the 3 horizontal dots at the right side of your phone
iii. scroll down, you'll see download.
you may also only look up to the screen of your phone to see the symbolic representation of download to download the so…

There is a Chasm Between us.

There is a  c   h   a   s   m  be-tween us.
             Darkest fears visited me when
you left;
    Emotions choke my throat ...but you
wouldn't stay. You said        "there are lot
     of s e c n e r e f f i d (i.e differences)    & nothing is working/will work:
            Not a talk permit on the bed
  nor silent gazes. our eyes will not talk."
I rehearsed — fever against my dark self.
I could be  d    o     n     n
                      r     w     i      g
in a sea of boiling water
& my flesh, tearing from the bone
at your                 absence.
       But nothing will e s c a p e  your lips
           save a movement of weary hands
                        against my frail face,
against the breeze bu  zz  ing like neon
on my face. in this city of window pain,
Where you can only     look. and    look again,
not wanting to wave a goodbye...
I could get b r o k - e n  by my freezing fears
& sour tears (that means nothing to you)
because you keep …