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The Concept of Missing People | Akinwale Peace Akindayo

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photo credit, iStock. 
At times they say, it is your absence that makes people miss you but they forget to say that even at your absence, — that they are not able to reach out to you when they want to do make them unmiss you yet miss you with no desperation as much as they had needed to hear from you. They have you fresh in their memory but they can not reach you simply because they do not have the chance....
Then, how could missing someone be felt or expressed?

Man itself is conscious cum subconscious or even unconscious (to the public) of what happens to him — that, man, in his sleep, dreams and feels it is a reality that occurred when he's not fully present. That, although, it is not an illusion as some would think a dream is, (which a dream is one of the subconscious things that happens to man when he lays on his bed and goes into thoughts; earlier preoccupied or not even when his mind is absent; that's why dreams are called divine) feels yet remembers or forget to…