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The Concept of Missing People | Akinwale Peace Akindayo

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At times they say, it is your absence that makes people miss you but they forget to say that even at your absence, — that they are not able to reach out to you when they want to do make them unmiss you yet miss you with no desperation as much as they had needed to hear from you. They have you fresh in their memory but they can not reach you simply because they do not have the chance....

Then, how could missing someone be felt or expressed?

Man itself is conscious cum subconscious or even unconscious (to the public) of what happens to him — that, man, in his sleep, dreams and feels it is a reality that occurred when he's not fully present. That, although, it is not an illusion as some would think a dream is, (which a dream is one of the subconscious things that happens to man when he lays on his bed and goes into thoughts; earlier preoccupied or not even when his mind is absent; that's why dreams are called divine) feels yet remembers or forget to remember that he has dreamt about something in an exact way which he dreamt it. That is, man's consciousness is limited yet, unlimited to the things he cannot say of precisely cum accurately but feels could be realistic as well as being seen as fake/illusory; via just a flash through a thought or a well exhausted thought in the mind.
A boy may not know that schooling is different from being educated yet feels the best education is what the school gives. It is the mental and primary thought which may either be consciously effected as a result of the kind of society he stays or as a result of his personal intuition (being also affected by the society) or subconsciously effected as self realization is yet to be unveiled (hence this is at the pre-realization stage). Hence, the human mind works in a way that isn't thought even that as well planned a plan is, it gets flawed — human mind works both consciously and subconsciously as being unconscious is just the language unclear to the victim who has something else going on in his mental trance which technically or scientifically seem as unconsciousness to you. A feeling of blank darkness by an accidental victim is consciousness or subconsciousness to him while such feeling can be proven as unconsciousness by science because the unconscious state is what others(science and people) see, not the victim.

I have digressed enough in a bid to establish my point.

Missing someone may be greatly crippled/crippling to be expressed yet felt, either intentionally or unintentionally. It may however not also be crippled but hard to express. So the person being missed, being conscious of this darkness (that he may be missed but unaccessible) makes it hard to believe that really, he is missed by some people he loves yet the non-void(fill up) of this darkness makes it better; that absence may be felt but may not be expressed, and that absence has not been felt which isn't certain.
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It all comes back to solely depend on the level of relationship and impact on both the Missed and those missing the Missed.

The resolution of this piece dissolves to; man finding a place to balance his mental violence and curiosity on either being missed by the public or not, either which is certain and uncertain. It all deals with the consciousness of the subject missed and the object that should missed the subject.

"words from the innocent mind"
Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Philip Peace


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