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The President,
National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS)

January 5th, 2019.

Dear Sir,
I am compelled beyond reasonable doubt to address my grievances and stand against what could be described as an attack to our collective sense in all matters that considers our welfare, educational goodness and democratic system as students of this country.

Only people with no affiliations with tertiary educational system in Nigeria can claim ignorance at awareness of the issue that has generated enough controversy all over the country.  The solitary events of Thursday (3), January, 2019, will forever remain evergreen in the mind of every Nigerian students as the day the Union (NANS) betrayed her loyalty, responsibilities and obligations towards her members and the general public. It is the day the union chairman promised the incumbent government a huge number of 20 million vote in the forthcoming election. The question that deserves no answer is where and how is the chairman planning to get this huge number of votes for the president? Is it by coercion of union leaders, or by coercing the students whose choice is liberal and free of comprehension and execution — or is it by duplicity and meddling with odd affairs to regard a leprous government who has kept students home for months now? It's pathetic, and of enormous shame to the union — whose main objective is to lend a voice to the voiceless students' populace and to keep up the struggle of unionism, this they halt to continue,  — that they now sell out her loyalty to the government who has kept the Nigerian students at home for up to two months. We're still noting days to be kept outside our academic schedules.  It should be recalled that the incumbent president, President Muhammadu Buhari, had once attempted a hike on tuition fees and hostels fees in the year 1984 - he also attempted banning student unionism back then, shall we then say the union has forgotten her history? Besides, has the Union now pledge allegiance to the government, or they still owe the allegiance to the students populace?

It's grossly berating of your office, sir, to support a
government that has shown no serious interest in the Educational system of her country; we have poor/inadequate hostel facilities, congested lecture halls, overstrained laboratories, poor sanitary conditions, amongst others. Undergraduates sit on bare floors or stand to have a gaze of the lecturer through the window. In most universities, you find situations where a lecture hall meant for 150 students becomes a theatre for a thousand students. Is it not right to resolve that,  perhaps, although bias, the Union is an accomplice of the mishap in our country?

It is this same union that has threatened the Academic Staff Union of Universities to forcefully eject her members from their respective homes and accuse the association of being economical with the truth after stating her wants/resolutions. This is nothing but a show of shame! If the child learns the trail of the snake, he will also learn the wandering of the snake.

There is a very urgent need for the student movement to review its objectives and its obligations need to be rebuilt. NANS ought to be at the forefront of intellectualism, they should be behind a drive to a meaningful discourse, and the fight for the interests of her members. However, reverse has been the case.

Well, I need do justice by writing that, Aluta spirit and struggle continues. Let's wake up and face priorities, one that you were elected into office for.

Adegbite Victor Oluwaferanmi


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