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About Me

Philip Peace's literary world  aim at:
I believe the way words are spoken or written in case of poetry, essay, articles and stories are from the intent of an innocent mind and are to pass words across all minds.
I write to wound hearts and heal hearts, I write to kill hopes and to keep hopes alive and I write to make the world recognize the words/voice of innocency, the words/voice of truth.
These words of LIFE are to let the world know the truth.
I singlehandedly strife to make the world a better place through "words of truth and thus' make the world accept the truth".
I publish a list that includes poetry;  articles, quotes and, stories that will send words into the hands of readers and make them view life positively and not ambitiously negatively.
You can always cheer me up with your comments, they go a long way and you'll be appreciated. Thank you for reading me.

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Philippeace's words are still from the innocent mind.


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Men are Toys (are men really toys? Read)

Men are Toys.
I was sitting on my thought, when I heard
thin voices say "we should be equal with 'em."
When God first made man, He made him the head
and made one from him; his best supporter.
And Adam was man, did like a man does
and Eve was woman, she conceived as one.And the useless blood flows through all; -we dusts-
like to sullen streams. We're from one Black soil —
God moulded man from a Black soil — Yea, Nay?
Daughters of Eve wants to be the head now.
I was sitting on my thought, when I heard
thin voices say "we should be equal with 'em."
When God first made man, He made him the head
and made one from him; his best supporter.
They have risen now like Christ's on third day
to be head of their homes and make men toys.
Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Philip Peace

save our souls

heavens opened and showers of blessing
became a sprawl of chewing bitter-leaf.
the whirlpool of storms swept the solid ground
and liquid air like a thief in the night.the rich and poor became a freezing heat —
a burning ice in their soaking heat of
doom as valuables dance in a sweep'ng flood.
houses are now drenched with what erect'd them.have they not lived on floodplains when the earth
denied its inhabitants thirsts — is it
blood that the soil wants or oceans of rain?
We have known pain already, save our soul.oh markudi/cross river.
Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Philip Peace

SURVIVALS | John Chizoba Vincent

We are all from an Osucaste,
those prepared for the gods of the land but rejected by the sun. 
The sand we march on are our brothers and sisters, who were discriminated too. 
They died a shameful death leaving their shadows behind,  
Leaving their spirits wailing at every dustbins that modernity brought. 
Leaving an awful images behind doors;
Leaving their emotions on the bodies of the sky to hunt and hurt us. 
The noise named us into death and we smell silence through noise of death, 
Discrimination tamed us and we tamed the firmament  of the smoke that chase us. 
You can see the ghost of my fathers in that smoke going up there, 
You can retrieve the bleeding tears of my mother from the wind, 
You can see the broken words of my sisters on the palms of the stars;
You can still see my brothers' virgin fears hang on the cloud,
They died through this course, Osu!
We will gather this cowries of Osucaste in Igboland. 
Part ways for the fierce spirit of ogbanje for the punishment of this cult…