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Privacy and policy privacy policy.

My Views on Privacy.
I want to protect the privacy of visitors to my website and that of my customers and other individuals. Please read the following policy; it will
help you to understand how I use your personal
data. I may change my privacy policy at any time without giving you notice, so please check it each time you visit this website.
Whenever you give me personal data, you are
consenting to its collection and use in accordance
with this privacy policy, including our use of cookies
as explained below.

What personal information do I collect?
I log in your Internet Protocol (IP) address in order to receive and send information from and to you over the internet.
When you register on my blogsite, register for my newsletter, make an enquiry, any material you submit for inclusion on my blogsite, it may be seen by anyone visiting this
website anywhere in the world. Please do not submit any personal data that you do not want to be
made public in this way, and please do not send any personal data about anyone else without their
I also automatically collect data about visitors to my blogsite (for example on browsing patterns) by
using cookies.I collect data relating to the
routing, duration and time of communications (traffic
data), such as records of the parts of my blogsite you have visited, services you have used, and your
location. We retain traffic data for three years.

A cookie is a small piece of data or message that is
sent from a web server to your browser and is
stored on your hard drive. A cookie can't read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites. Cookies do not damage your system.
You can reset your browser so as to refuse any
cookie or to alert you to when a cookie is being
sent. If you choose not to accept my cookies, some of the features of my site may not work as well as I intend.
I use cookies for the purposes of system
administration of my blogsite, to give me information about the number of visitors to different parts of my blogsite, and to enhance your visit to my site.

How do I use your personal data?

We use your personal data to: answer your queries, make your comments effective and obvious and also to order status and to contact you if there is a
problem with your order.
I use the information you supply about subject
interests in order to shape my future postings and send
you targeted information about new posts,
inform you about changes and improvements to my blogsite.
I may also use your personal data to monitor the
use of our website, to record traffic flows and to carry out research about our visitors' and
customers' demographics, interests and behaviour.
I do this to understand my visitors, customers
and potential customers better.

I use traffic data (see above) to help us
understand which areas of my blogsite are most
popular so that I might better develop the structure of the site,
 You may
withdraw your consent to our use of these data at any time.
If you wish to do this, please contact:
When you give me personal data, those data may be
sent electronically to servers anywhere in the world and may be used, stored and processed anywhere in the world.
Whenever and wherever I collect, process or use
personal data, we take steps to ensure that it is treated securely and in accordance with my
privacy policy.

Direct Marketing:
I may contact you by email to market our published books in due time, but you may at any time request us to
stop using your personal data for direct marketing purposes. If you wish to do this please contact:


My blogsite might contain links to other websites. I am not responsible for the privacy practices of
other sites. I'll encourage my visitors to be aware when they leave my blogsite, and to read the
privacy policy of other sites that collect or use
personal data.

Guest posts:

My blogsite gives the privilege for other people; My customers and readers.
My blogsite gives you the privilege to post your works too but you will have to notify me 24 hours before you could  post your works on it.
You can contact me by clicking the contact link after this page, there. you will see various means to contact me.


I give you the option of using a secure server
whenever you make a important information.
Seccure connection (SSL) aware browser.
Unfortunately, no data transmission over the
internet or any other network is 100 per cent
secure, but I take appropriate steps to try to protect the security of your personal data.

This blogsite is operated by Akinwale Peace Akindayo, known as Philip Peace.

I would like to keep your personal data accurate
and up to date. If you become aware of any errors
or inaccuracies please let me know by contacting
Or my line via SMS with 08103675712.


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                     TEARS IN MY EYES     The anxiety for sex prompted the award winning and young Nigerian poet (Ololade Akinlabi Ige) to sharpen the keen mouth of his pen to write the novella: TEARS IN MY EYES. This is a book for everyone to read.
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For Ikeoluwa.

I have sailed in the ocean — on
your body's warm drenched spot axis,
and i have felt the touch of your
freezing burning hands and cold words:
you said some soft words gently in
my ear on a cold night. and my
body is a tree, it rustles
when winds beat. winds like your mutters.

I have a whirling desire
that we are over the 9th edge;
grabbing, rocking, licking, tasting —
and the passion flows 'n' action shows.
your whole body defines a lot
even when i see nothing but
the voluptuous pillows of a
tired bed, calling me to sleep.

Slowly, this pace beats rapidly
like a running fire. and i'm
burning coldly on a meet with
your whitish round thorax muscle.
glorious! your body is a bike
and i'm good at riding roughly.
slide and glide, make a symphony
of our salvation on this cold night.

Akinwale Peace AkindayoPhilip Peace